Tuesday, March 20, 2012

symbols and communication

So....I finished the new Kachina face. (old design, but new stitching)

I have been busy, busy but have had lots
on my mind.
I have been thinking about symbols and communication and how each of us is so unique.
I have been thinking about how symbols mean different things to different people.
We each understand our world around us through words, symbols, sounds, gestures, etc.

We each send out signals whether we know it or not.
Look at my hands...heart shaped : )

I can look at this and it evokes one thought and feeling and perhaps for you another thought and feeling.
Maybe it is a reminder about something or maybe it carries a different meaning for you...

more items that can be symbols....

a glyph....a symbol....

This is a crop circle I have stitched....

And another crop circle I stitched...this one is part of a heart shape.
You see these symbols mean something to me.

I see many things as symbols...
One day as I was driving to work along a tree lined road a large deer ran out in front of me. At first, I could not see her because she blended with the road and the trees. Suddenly, I realized she had stopped in the middle of the road and I was going the speed limit, which was 50 mph, so I quickly slowed down and she leapt across the road out of my way.  I knew if there was one deer there would be more and as soon as I passed her there were three more deer that ran across the road literally right behind my car!
To me that was a symbolic event.
I think there are Signs and symbols everywhere.
I think the signs and symbols are a communication to and from each of us.
Ok, that is where I am today....
Have a great week!


  1. I love your new new Kachina face. Your stitching is so beautiful. We all speak in symbols and read symbols, even when we read body language. Sometimes we misinterpret what is said because of our own experience with those symbols. It helps to keep an open mind.

  2. Marie, I like that much of your stitching is symbolic, something that attracted me to your style way back. The hearts, the faces, the numbers, the crop circles, and more! You stitch your truth. Love the deer encounter, was probably really scary at the time -- but your guides/angels/ancient ones took care of you! xoxo

  3. Hi Snail Cloth,

    Your work is full of symbolism and inspiration.
    I agree we must keep an open mind and remember
    each person brings their own life experiences to the mix
    and they will wear their own "rose colored glasses" lol.
    : )
    thank you <3

  4. Peggy (woman with wings)
    Thank you <3
    I know the angelic, ancients and guides are with me.
    I am grateful.
    I have to remind myself to invite them in more to assist.

    That little deer encounter was scary because I did not know
    If I could slow down quick enough and she was a BIg deer!
    Thank you for finding me! I am so inspired by you xoxo

  5. I've always been attracted to symbols too...and yours always resonate with me.
    love the kachina stitching and the Hopi way of life.

  6. It's true that if you keep your mind and heart open, symbols are everywhere. I notice them all day long. Just like mini affirmations and hints from God. Really interesting to think about - I never think it's silly. Its real!

  7. Hi Mary,

    What I love most about the Hopi is that they are a peaceful people and their very name means
    "the peaceful people".
    Although my background is varied, I have Native American in me.
    When you look at pictures of my grandfather their is no mistaking
    he is of Native American blood. So I really relate in some inner spirit way.
    Thank you <3

  8. Hi Gina,

    So true...
    I think sometimes when we are searching for the answers to a question
    we may get the answer in unexpected ways. Right?
    That is a good point about keeping your mind and heart open.
    Thank you <3

  9. symbols and signs help me to make more sense of it all- giving meaning to what may seem random. thank you for sharing some of yours, especially the crop circles.

  10. Hi Handstories,

    I hesitate to share things sometimes because I do not want to seem to "woo woo" , but it is about being who I am and being real. For me it is about facing fears and walking across the bridge of uncertainty. I agree that symbols and signs do help along the way and do give meaning to the randomness of life : )
    Somehow though, I find that I have more questions then answers....
    Thank you <3 <3 <3