Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow day fun!

recently bought...

inspired and making....

listening to...

and listening to this....


After spending the morning digging my car out of the snow it is time for some hot tea and fun!

Wishing you and yours a lovely day!


  1. Marie, I listened to George Winston on Pandora while I was embroidering recently - perfect sewing muzak! What kind of fortunes are you writing for your "cookies"?

  2. Hi Gina,

    I love George Winston...I am still listening to him :)
    I am writing "You are beautiful and wonderful! <3" on my fortune cookies. :)
    xo <3

  3. p.s. I decided to skip the tea and have red wine and wear my Laura Ashley dungarees! :)
    My daughter had a friends mom coming to pick her up and said, "Mom you need to change, her mom can not see you in that outfit!" lol! I did change, but put it right back on. lol!

  4. Marie! I just watched and listened to George Winston's Pachelbel Canon in D while sipping on a glass of red wine! It took me a moment to realize that it is a tribute to beautiful Dandelion. Oh, what a beautiful planet we live on and what a beautiful presence Dandelion is. She teaches us persistence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this, it is a treasure I will come back to and also pass along. Stay safe and warm. xo

    1. Hi Peggy,

      Great minds think alike! lol! I am smiling...when I hear things like this I believe in magic :). Because life is full of magical moments and synchronicity.
      I am learning how connected to this beautiful planet we are. I am learning that each plant teaches us something...beautiful dandelion appears to tell us there is no calcium in the ground and she brings it up. People think she is a weed, but she is telling us something. Oh yes and she does teach us persistence. Thank you xoxo <3

  5. Whatever you listened to, did not show up for me to go to :(
    I have a fortune cookie pattern that I've done nothing with for years!! But I will one day! Love your message :)

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I was listening to George Winston "December" and George Winston "Canon in D by Pachelbel'
      The fortune cookie pattern is so easy and quick. Those are the kinds of patterns I need right now. lol :)