Tuesday, February 1, 2011

many moons I have followed

a gentle moon face I stitched....

CC License View
a real moon, I took a picture of....

moon phases....

pink moon....

  crescent moon......

                                                                    long night moon.......

                                                                   CC License View 
   a purple moon.........

                                                                CC License View
 a picture of the real moon, I took....

"acorn moon and frosty moon"

a red moon, symbolic of great teachers through out time.
Its numerical value is 9 and symbolizes the recurrence of great cycles  
and represents master teachers who
have appeared to enlighten man: Quetzalcoatl, buddha, and Christ.
or it could just be a red moon! (smiles)
: )

                                                   and me so many "moons" ago.....


  1. Wow - I love that photo. Such an ethereal quality...

  2. Thank you :)
    Taken many years ago...

  3. What a beautiful post, Marie ! All those moons and moods, stitches and patterns, and you coming out of a dream under the moon. A very poetic post. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Isabelle : )
    I have been thinking of you and have a little
    card to mail to you.
    (you always make me smile)

  5. Marie, these are all so wonderful I'm almost speechless! I love the moon phases -- is it a totebag? We're sort of on the same wavelength, I think, yes?

  6. Peggy, thank you so much <3
    The moon phases is a "sacred" bag.
    Just something I created to hold special objects
    that are meaningful to me.
    Yes,I think we could be on the same

  7. loving all the moons and phases...that little stitched bag is precious.!

  8. thanks Mary, that bag is one of my favorite stitched items. I spent a lot
    of time embroidering! : )