Thursday, February 3, 2011

dreaming of Summer

The sun!

I am dreaming of the beach, and warmth. After all I was born in the Summer,
and even though I can not stand intense prolonged heat a nice pleasant 75 degrees
or 80 degrees would be fine with me.

Sweet words written in the sand to me by #2 and #3 daughters

 A red heart always seems "warming"....

The brilliant colors that are in nature and flowers. It never
ceases to amaze me. They almost seem surreal.

Cheerful fabric from 1930's, that seems "sunny" and makes me smile!

This has been a nice little "dream", now time for me to go
shovel snow.....

: )


  1. Love your Summer dream under this beautiful sun and around cheerful fabrics :)

  2. Seeing the first signs of spring here. It's on it's way...

  3. I am getting hungry for flower colors too. Here are some more summer flowers for you. Go to and click on the snowman.
    One of my rhododendron bushes is starting to bloom!

  4. Hi Isa, Thank you <3
    I am going to look for more of those cheerful
    fabrics. I need sunny and happy : )

  5. Hi Deb,
    I am so happy you are seeing the "signs' of Spring.
    There is so much snow on the ground here, all I see are
    walls of snow wherever I go. So, you give me hope!
    : )

  6. Hi Julia,
    What fun...a way to create your own little virtual
    garden. Made me smile. Thank you.
    : )