Thursday, February 17, 2011

milagro heart

A sketch of a heart I am working on....

Milagro heart
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As with most pieces, this is a work in progress....
The gold background fabric is a beautiful sparkly fabric called
"fairy frost". It is much prettier in person. Normally, I am
not one to use anything "sparkly" but, I really loved the color
and the name seemed magical and when
I held the fabric in my hands it made me

The inspiration for this heart is the darker background fabric.
It looks like little milagro hearts.

I noticed that most of what I am stitching these days has been darker
in color. I feel it is the Winter's influence over me...
Not a depressing thing or negative in any sense.
I am just drawn to "warmer" colors.

And this is a little something that makes me smile....
I love little black dolls, and I am making this one
just because it makes me happy! 
: )

This is my Spring inspiration!

I have rented this book again from the library for gardening
inspiration. I cannot say enough good things about it.
I love Barbara's sense of humor and the way
she educates the reader with valuable, sustainable
gardening ideas.
This is a book I would like to purchase to keep on hand.


  1. Pretty heart and doll you are sewing and embroidering ! As for B. Kingsolver´s book, I am still reading it, slowly because there is so much to learn and remember and smile and taste later on :) I am in the month of July, a wonderful reward after all the hard work of the previous months.

  2. Thank you Isabelle. I think the book could be read over and over
    again because there is so much information. I found the part
    about the Amish inspiring. I have spent some time in Amish country.
    Also, the part about canning your own food and making cheese.

  3. Keep on stitching! Your blog is nice. I live in Kentucky and just sorted through my seeds today. can't wait for spring.

  4. We ate a batch of kale out of the garden today. My son said it was just like butter. It was wonderful sharing a meal tonight with friends. I have some seeds planted but think I will have to bring them in and warm them if I want them to sprout. I can't wait till spring.

  5. Hi K. Crane, thanks for your encouragement!
    I am counting the days till Spring. I long for warmth : )

  6. Hi Cosmic Arcata,
    It is such a "gift" to be able to have food from the garden
    and share with friends. I have a recipe for Swiss Chard that may work for kale. You use cream and butter, salt and pepper and onions. (It is not low-cal), but does taste pretty good.
    : )

  7. I think what we create finds it's season too...colors, textures, the types of projects. Loved that book so much, I bought a copy so I could reread.

  8. Deb, I agree about the seasonal aspect of art and food.
    I always find so much inspiration from what you are
    doing : )
    The book is a keeper.

  9. Love your flaming heart.... I'm working on one too!; and was surprised to see yours here. Isn't it funny how and when inspiration hits? That gold fabric looks magic!

  10. I saw you beautiful flaming heart...very nice.
    The gold fabric is so much lovelier "in person".
    I love how ideas float amongst we artist <3