Monday, February 21, 2011

following the wave

I know the pictures are grainy and perfectly unclear, but
thought I would go ahead and share what I have been working
on. The words embroidered on the piece above say:
"hearts desire"

I have been cruising around and with all the fabric weaving going on
decided I would take my inspiration from several blog artist I visit.

I have every intention of taking some of Jude's, (spiritcloth.typepad) classes,

I look forward to learning from Jude : )
but until then, I am "winging" it.

My inspiration fabric to begin weaving was sent by:

A fabulous scrap of fabric from her travels to Africa.
She sent some wonderful bits and scraps
that I have been saving until just the right project comes
along. This is my first "bit" to use.

Thank you Isabelle!

 This woven piece will be part of the boro Madonna/heart piece 
I have previously started. 
Now, off to some more stitching....


  1. I would have guessed you had already taken the class. It is so much fun, isn't it? The ideas and inspirations are endless. I hope to see you in one of the classes soon.

  2. Those blues and greens are lovely - so soothing.

  3. Hi Marie -- Oh, your heart's desire piece is just right -- I really like the red & gold -- and the woven cloth is lovely, even more so with special cloth from Africa!

  4. Phyllis you make me smile...thank you.
    It is a lot of fun to weave the fabric but,
    I am looking forward to learning more about it
    from Jude. <3

  5. Hi Gina, the picture was greener than it should have been. The fabrics are really indigo, but they
    are soothing. (I can't wait to have my camera up and running :)
    It is hard to see all the details in these pictures.
    Thank you<3

  6. Hi woman with wings,
    I like the way the heart's desire looks next
    to the boro Madonna. I look forward to sharing
    a bigger picture and clearer one too!
    Thank you<3

  7. p.s. the fabric from Africa is so divine to touch and work with!

  8. The weaving is such a fun way to work meaningful little bits of cloth into things... Looks great!

  9. Lovely to see what you are creating, Marie :) The milagro heart is just delightful! I have never done the weaving method before and feel happy that you found a place for this African fabric. I recognize it: it was part of a dress I wore then, the material comes from Tanzania (East Africa).

  10. Thank you for sharing where the fabric came from.
    It is so special that it is from a dress you wore
    : )
    and to know what part of Africa it came from.
    I am having fun with the fabric weaving. Jude/spiritcloth is such a knowledgeable
    teacher regarding fabrics and stitching. I just signed up for her Cloth
    to Cloth course yesterday so, I am learning some new things.