Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hearts divided

I was playing with the boro Madonna image and this is what the little hand held game
device created....

It makes me think of the word "mirror".

It makes me think about my life and what if it is a mirror of what is somehow "written"
within me?

Just thinking....


  1. I think this way of looking at life could be OK! Today anyway, I think our lives are already within us and we are unveiling ourselves with each new day, each new stitch. Beautiful design there. Gilly

  2. : )
    Thank you. I agree with you about looking at life this way.
    There is so much to be discovered and remembered.

  3. Just thinking of you and wondering what you are up to, so I stopped by and as usual, you are thinking mindful and interesting thoughts, something I can carry away into the evening.

  4. Hi Phyllis, : )
    I wish I could say I have been up to more stitching
    but, work, and children activities seem to consume my days...
    I am so happy you stopped by and I think of you often too <3