Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I finished beading the fish pin and the colors reminded me of Fireworks.....

close up of beading and stitching.......

This is a close up picture I took of the book I am reading by Lynn Andrews, called
Woman At The Edge Of Two Worlds. Lynn chronicles her own journey as well as the experiences of women who have come to her for guidance. Lynn reveals that menopause is a time of a transforming process of rebirth. She shows how the actual event of menopause can come to mean not the inevitable onset of aging and decline, but access to a new and beautiful way of life.
Illustrations by Ginny Joyner.  I highly recommend all of Lynn's books. They are so well
written and offer so much beautiful insight.

After I took the photos of the beaded fish and looked at it, I thought of the song Firework by Katy Perry and how the colors reminded me of a firework display in the sky and then I thought about going through menopause and how sometimes it feel like "fireworks" going off in my body....

I love the words to this song because sometimes life is such a challenge and the words are so positive
and encouraging....
I like that!

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This is a cork from a french wine bottle.
I think it is one of the most beautiful corks I have seen...
(lovely little angel face).
Have you noticed  that most wine bottles are now corked with rubber corks.
Somehow that just seems wrong to me. Like drinking wine out of a paper cup or plastic
and finally me with clouds...dreaming
of better days!



  1. Marie -- here's where you can read about her:
    -- the SEW forum. She doesn't have a blog.

    I know that song, but have never listened to the words. The wisdom of our young women! It could be the anthem for all women (but esp. menopausal) EVERYWHERE. I will think of it my very next hot flash. I love it. Thanks! And your pin is wonderful, I just love your beadwork and you are too cute in those clouds.

  2. Lovely pics! I really love corks, too. I am saving them to use as a craft, and for now they are in an apothecary jar on a ledge in my living room. I read somewhere that real cork must be cut out of tropical forests. I am all for saving forests, but it's not the same, I agree! My sister uses the tern "power surge", but "fireworks" seems more appropriate (:

  3. Hi Woman with wings,
    Thank you, I did go to the SEW forum and found Herm's address. I quickly stitched up a little cloth to mail out today. I do not think she knows me, but I feel such a connection to this "circle" of women.
    I did not really know all the words to the song FIREWORK, until yesterday. My daughters help keep me up-to-date, otherwise I would not pay attention to music, etc. lol! :)
    I would have shown the whole fish pin, but for some reason the camera had some sort of issue/smudge on the lens and half of all the pictures were a bit blurry. :/
    My oldest son said that cloud thing is hard to do...I love my MAC :) <3

  4. Hi Gina, I thought of you when I was posting that picture of the cork. I know you like wine too. I agree, I am all for saving the trees, but cork seems so much more natural versus rubber.
    Ha! I love that term "power surge", that is so true.
    Thank you <3

  5. Beautiful post and artwork ! Firework is a very good name for your cheerful pin. Exotic and so colourful. I have never read anything by Lynn Andrews, would this book be a great one to start with ? And this cork is gorgeous !

  6. Hi Isabelle, You could certainly start with this book, but the first book is Medicine Woman.
    She generally refers back to other books she has written and people in them, but no matter which book you choose, I think you would like it.
    That cork is really fun. It is from a French bottle of wine. One of my favorites. Thank you.

  7. You know you are going through Menopause if you listen to that song and tears stream down your face. This is such a great post Marie! So encouraging and empowering. I have been really disappointed in the media coming up with a Osman been (somebody)story when I have radioactive waste in a bucket of water in my backyard from the nuclear power plant that is still spewing in Japan. Not anything about what is going on over there...And so sometimes I feel like we do have to be the firework and we have to be the one that gives light ...even if it does seem like such a small and short lived light, to what is going on around us and what we see is important.
    I agree about the corks. I have seen someone make a cork push pin note board with an array of these corks.
    I love your bead work on your fish pin. Looks like you had a lot of fun putting all the details in.

  8. I like the song too! It gives me hope.
    I think all the media attention is just a diversion to take peoples attention away from what is really important. Like our water that may have radioactive waste in it!
    Your beaded pins are the most beautiful and detailed I have seen! Thank you<3