Sunday, April 24, 2011

Twin fish

Working on another fish and I am calling this piece "twin fish", inspired by the
Bloomsbury artist.
Fish have a lot of symbolism and meaning for me.
I always loved the Biblical story about the fish being multiplied.
No matter what your personal beliefs you have to admit it
is pretty special to have fish multiplied or anything multiplied.

Speaking of the word "multiply", what about the thought
of peace multiplying or love multiplying?...I like that thought.

That word "multiply" reminds me of bunnies
and daughter #2 made and decorated this cake


  1. I love the pictures of your daughter and you and daughter number 3. Makes me want to give you all a big hug too and multiply the love and peace in the world. Great thought this Easter as we thinking of things multiplying.

  2. Hi Becky, I am sending a "cyber Hug" back at ya! (smiles). Thank you <3

  3. Marie, cool cake -- daughter #2 could probably make some side $$ baking & decorating. Cute photos of you and the girlies. The Beatles must be in the air, I've had Come Together in my head for a few days because of what I'm working on. I honestly didn't even know about Yoko Ono's light tower, embarrassed to say. Love the twin fish!

  4. I agree, daughter #2 could do really well with the cake! I did not know about the light tower either :/
    I was so touched and moved when I watched the video about it.
    I have so much fun with the girls and taking pictures is so much fun with them. They love to mimmick my southern accent, because they are East Coast girls! They make me smile <3