Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fish Tales

 I am making a fish "brooch" or pin to wear....
The backing is a piece of wool. I plan on adding
some beading....

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I am busy......

Have a great day <3


  1. Marie, I can't wait to see your beading process on this. It will be a wonderful piece, I can already tell by your fabric choices and that stitching!

  2. Hi Woman with wings, thank you. I am sooo busy with work and life that my creative side, which is my solace in this crazy world has been minimal. I have chosen this little project to give me a bit of focus. Still longing to work on my grandmothers quilt and the water/boro heart, Madonna quilt. Thank you for stopping by. <3

  3. Marie, This is an inspiring project, that you might possibly be able to tuck into your purse and stitch on at unexpected moments. What was the inspiration behind the fish?

  4. Hi Cosmic Arcata,
    This is a tiny project that could certainly be packed up to go. Lately, I have been into fish.
    It symbolizes a lot for me, like abundance, faith,
    water, movement, etc.
    Thank you <3

  5. Sometimes life is about small projects...this is a good one!

  6. Hi Deb,
    Having fun with this little fish project. I am going to share it later. Also, started a new small
    heart project I will share. :)

  7. I will be awaiting the finish of this. I love the materials you are using. You are always doing something that is new and exploring innovative ideas. The batik is perfect for this.

  8. Hi Phyllis,
    I have actually finished the embroidery on this fish piece and added some stiffening product
    to it.
    The batik is a fun print to work with...
    Thank you<3

  9. Beautiful batik, just perfect for your fish piece. My small projects are all on stand by right now. Little by little they will grow :) Your creativity is endless and so inspiring ! Thank you Marie.

  10. Hi Isabelle,
    I understand things being put on seems to be consuming most of my days!
    I like your phrase, "little by little they will grow." That is a good way to see it, like a beautiful flower. You inspire me too! :)
    Thank you <3