Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thread love

I found a new thread holder for my desk.
In the past I have had actual sewing baskets,
or plastic boxes to hold my thread, but I wanted
something wooden to hold them. I love that the 
holder opens like an easel and I can see all the colors

A little postcard I stitched that will be traveling "across the pond"
: )

 This bowl is much larger than it appears. I have filled
it full of embroidery thread.  (It is the size of a big salad bowl.) Note: I have a slight addiction...

Water quilt.... 
Have a good evening/day!


  1. I bought my mom one of those and she hung it on the wall of her sewing room. Imagine - a whole room devoted to sewing. What a luxury...love the skeletal arm and the bowl of thread. Like a bowl of treasure, really!

  2. Hi Marie! Thanks for your visits! I think I have the same thread addiction! love the postcard! someone is very lucky!

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  4. Hi Gina,
    I forgot to put your name above...(This new blog has some quirky things I am not used to! lol!)
    I thought about hanging the spool thread holder on the wall, but because it was not the largest size I opted for my desk.(easy access.) It really is a complete luxury to have a room devoted just to crafting/sewing...nice :)

  5. Hi Mary,
    Visiting your blog always brings a smile to me. Your work is so cheerful and delightful and always fun! :)
    I like making postcards...quick and easy!
    Thank you.

  6. Isn't it such a good feeling to have those threads all arranged? It even gives me a good feeling and they're not even mine! I love the love postcard! -- I've never made an atc, is the postcard an atc? -- have you posted on how you make yours?

  7. Hi Peggy,
    I love organization, (although, don't be fooled..
    my house is not perfectly organized!). Anyway, when my desk is clean and organized I seem to have a better creative energy flow. :)
    I was laughing at your comment about it giving you a good feeling too..he he he!
    The postcard is not an ATC.(just a postcard)
    I simply used a "real" postcard as a template. I have not posted on how I make them, but I should?
    Good idea! <3

  8. Hi Marie,
    I just want you to know that I am sooo loving the light in your photos. I am a little envious of it as I am still learning how to use my camera. The thread holder is a great idea. Mine is stored in a sewing box that my landlord gave me when we moved in. It was his mother's. I usually fill up bobbins with different colors of thread. Then I put the thread in a lipstick holder and keep it with me in my sewing box. Currently my sewing box is a lunch box of Pirates of the Caribbean, which I found in a thrift store. Makes me think of it as treasure.
    Wonderful way to share your heart through a post card.
    I can't wait to see the rest of your Water block. The earth's tears.


  9. You make me smile...You have got it! You understand what I am trying to create in the quilt piece. <3
    Love the idea of using a lunch box for a thread holder. I like fun! :)

  10. Well, my mother always says there could be worse addictions. I think I have the same/a similar thread holder. Found it at a garage sale for a dollar. :)

  11. (smiles!), Your Mom is right... I really like the wood, very earthy element and all the colors of the thread right at my fingertips. Before I had them thrown in an oversize baggie! Not so organized.
    I love a bargain too. :)

  12. Your wooden thread holder is lovely :) What a great idea ! I love the postcard too and yes, please, could you post the way to make one ? "Beezy, beezy" again, Marie ? Like the bees that have returned in the wild cherry trees around here. Have a lovely weekend !

  13. Hi Isabelle, Yes I will have to do a post on how to make a fabric postcard. Oh, your pictures are sooo lovely.
    I love seeing Spring over there :)
    Someone I work with just went to Switzerland to ski.
    He said it was sooo beautiful.