Tuesday, April 12, 2011

fish bones

It all started with a sketch of fish bones....which, led me to think about the ocean.
This piece will become a part of the Water quilt.


 Another sketch.....



  1. Perhaps I should look close at some fish, too (yours looks quite dead, though...;) - as I´m thinking about the ocean a lot lately, rather longingly...

  2. It would be lovely to be on a sunny beach near the ocean...ahhh!
    I am really into the fish lately...
    I think it is because I like the shape and symbolism.
    ;) <3

  3. Marie, I like the fish skeleton for your water quilt!

    Is that your mud cloth in the background?

  4. I really like this as we have had two water tragedies...Japan of late, and the Gulf of Mexico. We aren't thinking of all the long term effect of these thing.
    It is really scary. I like quilts that have a historic context to them...and I am guessing that the Water quilt will have some of this going on.

  5. Hi Woman with wings,
    I was walking by a window and saw a little boys shirt for sale that had fish bones embroidered all over it and that was my inspiration for the little fish bones :)
    The background is actually grayish blue fabric that
    is representing water.
    Thank you<3

  6. The fish bones made me think about "Dia De Los Muertos"....
    it is a day to remember those who have passed away and I thought of the people in Japan.
    You know me well in regards to telling stories in my quilt pieces :)
    You are right about some people not understanding the long term effects of what we create and do.

  7. A perfect addition...and one that speaks of looking deeper.

  8. :)
    I am beginning to see a much bigger picture and
    how we are all "connected".<3

  9. I think one can always look to you for a bigger connection and a way to connect to something we care about. I like the name "Water Quilt" and am wondering where you will take this magical title.

  10. A Water Quilt... that will have a lot to show and tell, I am sure. Love this material at the top with triangles. I wonder where it comes from ? Lovely and thoughtful inspiration, Marie.

  11. Hi Isabselle,
    I think I got that triangle fabric from the quilt store (?). The boro Madonna and boro heart that I have already shown on this blog are part of the Water quilt. This quilt is going to be a lot of fun and have "a lot to say."
    Thank you <3

  12. Hi Phyllis,
    I somehow missed answering you sooner. Sometimes I am up really super early or I am on the computer very late and either way I tend to be "half awake."
    This water quilt is so much fun and I think this journey is going to be magical :)
    I have a lot to say in this quilt. Thank you<3