Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simply New!

Hi Everyone! 

(This is the bowl of my scrap thread and I keep this antique cookie cutter in it because it reminds me of my mother. I found the cookie cutter one day while visiting an antique store and immediately  thought of my mother. When I went home I put it in my scrap thread bowl and that is where it has remained. I is a little strange, but it makes me smile and I think of her and remember her when I reach it this little bowl.)

a new little pouch i made.....

 This is a new look for my blog! I think it is pretty exciting because you can choose how you view my blog.

You simply go to the left hand side and choose from the menu which style you would like to view the blog in.
Choose from the following:


Also, I have added  pages called:

Heart - inspired places to visit and inspirational stories.

I like that! (blog roll) - please bear with me while I construct my new blog list. I plan on adding everyone back in. It is going to take a little time.

About Me - obviously...about me lol! : )

I am stitching outside and a leaf landed on my cloth...thought I would come in and share some outside!

Simple me!



  1. Marie -- yowza, this is very cool! You are one smart woman, I struggle just understanding the old ways. Ha. New moon, new look!

  2. Ha! I am laughing....
    You make my day!
    Thank you <3

  3. Well this is way cool! And I think the thread bowl is a perfect place for the mom star!

  4. Hi Nancy,

    I think all the pictures sliding across the page is a fun/ cool thing and then
    getting to choose what you want to look at : )
    Thank you.