Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Venturing out....

Today was such a lovely clear blue sky day.
 I secreted away and this is what I saw! 

Fall is unfolding and Summer has begun to melt away.... 
When I awake in the mornings dew
blankets the ground....

So thinking of cool Fall weather I had a "hankering" for wool....

I visited my favorite yarn shop and found this:

CC License View

Chunky Peruvian Yarn....delicious!

Later in the day I went to #2 daughter's soccer game:

CC License View

and this was the view from the soccer field we were visiting....

CC License View

You can see boys preparing for a football game to the left.
It was such a gorgeous day and view.
Now on to some crochet, stitching and library....


  1. Wow, it sounds like the perfect day. I so wish we could have Fall here - it feels like summer is never going to end. Today will be our 89th day of 100 plus temps. Yuck. Whatcha making with the yarn? Such a pretty color!

  2. Hi Gina,

    It was a beautiful day...
    Unbelievable how many hot days you guys have had!
    I am just playing with the yarn. Ya know I only know how to crochet scarfs lol! And it is basically my own made up version of a scarf : )
    I love those teal/turquoise-ee colors. <3

  3. Love it! What a lovely day :)
    I would like to learn how to do the photo groupings like that one at the top. So beautiful.

  4. I love the collage up there, too! I get the feeling you really took it all in, Marie, and are enjoying it to the max. Because it's not over yet! Lovely new yarn, too, with the cute hook.

    Watching outdoor sports in the fall is a ritual I no longer have and seeing this, realize I miss it. A lot! For so many years, it was endless. And now I miss it. Imagine that. Probably a lesson in there! xo

  5. Thanks.
    We had another soccer game today and it was even more lovely. A slight cool breeze. I am grateful.

  6. Hi Woman with wings,

    I have not participated in Fall soccer for about
    20 years! My eldest son played when he was a little guy. I am focusing on treasuring these moments because I know it goes by all to fast!

    I have not had a day off work where I could be alone and I wanted to just enjoy a few moments to myself, so I decided I needed "me" time and I did so enjoy it.

    I am still playing with the yarn :)

  7. Pumpkins are showing up here too... Lovely yarn!

  8. Great photos of a lovely day! Love those pumpkins! Cute yarn shop....great sign!

  9. What a fun looking crochet hook! I like the color teal. Your girl looks so happy and New England is always so beautiful this time of year.

  10. Beautiful autumnal mosaic ! We are not so far yet but colours are changing in the woods. Love the shade of the yarn you bought. So you are also a soccer mom ? My second son plays soccer since he has been walking... or almost ;)