Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Not a lot of words....just pictures of what I am working on....and changes....

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a bit of wool fabric, beading and embroidery.....

a stitched star...

adding solid pieces of fabric to the "grandmother quilt"....

adding some words and trying to decide whether to embroider them or leave it as it is????

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  1. Pictures said a thousand words!

  2. Hi Nat,

    I like that saying : ) and it is sooo true. Hugs <3

  3. Your pictures are nice, Marie, and I can see that they tell an even longer tale...love the acorns. (:

  4. I wonder if you have ever made a whistle out of the top of an acorn? I learned how to do this when I was in girl scouts. I love seeing these fall like picture. Love the cloth pictures and seeing what you are working on.

  5. Like seeing what you're stitching -- the beading is so pretty. I like the way the season quote is positioned on all those colors, too! Is that your pendulum in the bottom photo? xo

  6. Hi Gina,

    I think the shape of the acorn is so intriguing!
    so perfect...kinda like the pumpkin.

    I guess we each have a lot of stories to tell....
    Thank you <3

  7. Hi Cosmic Arcata,

    Ha! you always make me smile...
    I was one of those kids who could not whistle!
    I finally taught myself to whistle when I was in my twenties and forget whistling with a blade of grass or acorn or anything else lol! :P
    I love Fall too <3

  8. Hi Woman with Wings,

    That is my pendulum...I was thinking/reading about dowsing and remembered I had it. I took it outside to play around with it. There is a well right by where I live and a stone. I put the pendulum near the rock/well and it began to swing.
    You could feel almost a magnetic pull...very interesting.
    Oh, I am glad you like the wording on the grandmother quilt...I was trying to decide if it should stay or go. It will stay :)

  9. your grandmother quilt is so visually warm. and beautiful acorn photo. i once hollowed out an acorn to hold a special bead for a friend, they are such a wonderful shape.

  10. Hi Handstories,

    What a sweet idea for your friend : )
    The grandmother quilt is something that is going to take a while to complete...
    Funny how a few of the pieces were begun to create a spring/farming/eco quilt but when my grandmother passed away this past year and I received some of her personal fabrics I knew I needed to "marry" that quilt to what I was given. My grandmother was a cotton farmer when she was a young girl. I think she would be pleased. <3