Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is what I call my 5 minute altar. I planned on really taking my time and preparing but.......life happens and calls one in too many directions. So I accept with gratitude a few moments to remember those I love.

Hoping your day was special!


  1. Marie, I love your altar. Sometimes things just come together just like that and you don't need a lot of time. I'm glad you had some angels the other day and made it home okay -- maybe some of your loved ones here had a little something to do with that? xo

  2. Hi Woman with Wings,

    Thank you for being here <3

    Funny thing is earlier in the day I was with a special group of women. One woman shared her crystal bowls and the experience was amazing. Like this:
    I know there were angels with me! : )

  3. I like your altar, Marie, the lovely and thoughtful way you decorated it. I spent the day with my Dad, we visited several family graves, arranged flowers and remembered days gone by with those loved ones. At Christmas it will be 8 years since my sweet mama left us. As if it were yesterday...

  4. Hi Isabelle,

    I think it was lovely that you spent time with your Dad.
    Sharing the memories of those we love heals our hearts and keeps
    them with us always. <3 Thank you.