Thursday, January 5, 2012

words and dolls

So, I have begun this new year with keeping a journal of thoughts, words, new creative drawings of things I want to make, and poetry I find that resonates with me. My own poetry and poetry of others...

My open journal.....

Keeping a journal is not new to me as I have other smaller ones. The difference now is I want to add consistency to my journaling. Trying to do something every day.

I have been stitching away on some new little doll faces. The one in the center turned out too somber, so a new one was begun on the right. Funny how each little face "becomes" what it wishes. No matter how hard I try to control the just becomes the face it wants to. I took apart and re-stitched the doll in the centers face 3 times and no matter was somber!

I have found a new book by Alice Walker. I could not photograph it because of the glare on the cover of the book.

It is a lovely book of poetry.

I particularly enjoyed "My Teacher" 
(about Marley Mu)
"Calling all Grand Mothers"

This is good:

p.s. regarding goals check out this:


  1. Love this, Marie. A place for your heart & soul to come together.

    The dolls are precious, and so true that they are who they are, just like our children!

  2. These are sweet dolls, I think your centre fellow looks pensive and thoughful, rather sombre.

  3. Hi woman with wings (Peggy)

    What a beautiful expression...I like that! "A place for your heart & Soul to come together". Thank you for those words : )

    Regarding the dolls; I have noticed when I paint a picture of a face somehow I will see my own face emerge...does that make sense? I never intend that, but it happens. lol!

  4. Hi Nanette,

    I think I like your description of the little doll better : )
    I absolutely love black folk dolls. While living in California I came across this quaint little town where a woman hand made the most precious black dolls and I was hooked from that point forward.
    Thank you for stopping by and visiting.

  5. Colored pencils, what a great idea.
    I love your dolls!! Sometimes we just can't make people happy. I thought about your post all day and that is what came to mind.

  6. Colored pencils are so much fun. I recently discovered them again.
    amazing what you can do with pencils!

    Interesting thought regarding happiness.
    : )

  7. HAPPY new Year, Sweet Marie!
    Love your dolls so much. Know what you mean about stitching faces...they just seem to know how they want to look!
    Love your book suggestions...will go look for Alice.

  8. Some dolls just have to be a little sad... :)

  9. Hi Mary : )
    Your travels to the different folk art places sooo inspires me! Especially,
    the place that had all the dolls on the ladder. Love it. I have been sketching again and dreaming up paintings.
    I began my love of black folk dolls in a town in Temecula California. A charming little "Old town". There were some cute folksy shops there and I came across this one artist work that was so inspirational.
    Alice Walker is such a great writer.
    Enjoy <3

  10. Hi Deb,

    You are right....that little doll was meant to have that face.
    Like I said I ripped out the stitching 3 times and re-drew the face and it came out the same every time! Unbelievable!
    : )

  11. Wonderful post, so full of inspiration. Your dolls remind me of the cute ones I saw on market places or shops in Rwanda. A rainbow of dresses and ribbons. Alice Walker is such a great person and writer ! Thanks for the links to these blogs, I will follow them. Thank you.

  12. Hi Isabelle,

    I bet you have some fabulous memories of your trip to the market places of Rwanda. I imagine the women to be very creative and what fun....
    And the fabrics...wonderful.
    Alice Walker is such a great writer. Her work is so easy to read and is delightful.
    Thank you <3