Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet face, books and day off!

My day off was a combination of things....found this book, which I had so long ago. I remember
it was sort of sad but Mayas strength is inspiring. It is about her confronting her own life with strength and dignity. Her tragedies and strengths.

This book is hilarious! It is like your best friend being, lets say blunt and honest about what you should eat. She does not hold anything back including swear words. lol!  Overall I can say I agree with what the book espouses, but there are some things that I think can be balanced. They recommend being complete vegetarian and at one point in my life I was an extreme vegetarian. I know it was easier to win the weight battle, but there has to be a balance because each person is unique. I will take the "hay and leave the sticks." Meaning what I feel works best for me.

A fun book to dream of beautiful rooms.....

I finished this little dolls sweet face... I am pleased.....

 I sketched in my little journal and dreamed up new creations and ideas.....

chatted with daughter #1 on line, ate way too much chocolate (but I bought the one the Skinny Girls book recommended so I do not feel too guilty..lol!)http://danareva.hubpages.com/hub/Organic-Chocolate-VS-Regular-Chocolate I paired my lovely chocolate with bunches of
 of hot tea.

Have a lovely day <3


  1. Perfect day off -- books, dreaming, daughter-time, chocolate and tea.

    And a sweet stitched face on top of it all! A person couldn't ask for anything more, could they?! xo

  2. Hi Peggy,
    It doesn't get any better than this! lol!

  3. Looks like you are having fun. Nice finds.
    Beautiful Daughter. And don't stop eating the food of the gods. It is good for you.

  4. Love the new doll's face!
    yay for chocolate, couldn't live without it.
    Very beautiful daughter!

  5. Hi Snail Cloth,

    No worries about eating the food of the gods...lol!
    I always enjoy my days off.
    Taj is pretty special. Thank you<3

  6. Hi Mary :)
    I finally finished the doll and I am really pleased with the way she turned out. Thanks!
    Oh I confess I am addicted to chocolate.(in a good way lol!)
    Daughter #1 is a sweetheart..thank you.