Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Lately that is how I seems to be spinning so fast and trying to keep up seems like too much! Anyway, in between it all
I added  just a few beads to the rattle as I felt keeping it simple was better.

A new picture of me.....
: )

(This heart is part of a large picture of Jesus)

I found some lovely pictures while thrifting and I believe that the same person must have owned them.
It felt like it was an elderly person who might have passed away.

such a soft beautiful face....

I am always thrilled and amazed when I find hand stitched pictures. I know how long it takes to
stitch a picture like this and to me they are a treasure!

I also found this lovely statue, which I believed belonged to the same person. I do not mind
all the chips. It has character and when I hold it I feel the persons love and devotion.

It was made in Italy.

Fox face is mostly done...just a lot more work to do on the cloth. I must give credit to my youngest
daughter as I had her draw the face and I stitched it.

Have a great week!


  1. Oh, I loved this. lalalalalala here too! Such a great photo of you, Marie, I love all your turquoise jewelry and your braids and well, it's very flattering. :-))))

    Great finds. I write that to myself every morning in slightly different words, let today be a good day!

    So in that spirit, may today be a good day for you. xo

  2. I am smiling....It just seems lalalala lately, don't you think?
    Awww thanks. It is my favorite day off outfit besides my denim coveralls
    and I l-o-v-e throwing my hair in braids because I do not have to do anything to it!
    I like that!
    When I saw those words stitched (let today be a good day) I was so happy because
    we all need more good days and what a positive thing to look at on a regular basis.
    Beautiful thing that you write those kinds of words every day...
    Your good wishes must have worked...I had a good day : )
    THank you <3

  3. peggy,

    p.s. turquoise and silver are so healing to me...nice stones and metal : )

  4. Marie...I felt so confused...THIS is you...the mother of 5??!!! You look like a teenager :) I love the braids thing too, but usually do a messy pony-tail-loop! I've begun wearing meaningful jewelery, that makes me feel good too. Those little things seem to be important. Jenclair had this same theme going...sometimes it's all good, there is just too much of it!
    And your fox is are the words. The more I'm here, the more I see Your Style...and I like it!!
    Have a good day :)

  5. Hi Nancy,

    Thank you so much! (I am blushing : )
    Went to the blog, she has some really beautiful stitching.
    I was going to stitch fox face in a more Eygyptian looking way, but my daughter felt
    it was not as "friendly" so I let her draw the face. I think it is ok.
    My whole job is merchandising clothing and although I do not have a huge wardrobe
    I have come up with what I feel comfortable in...thank you : )
    Have a wonderful day <3

  6. You look comfortable and confident. :) Simple is just right with the beads.

  7. Hi Deb,
    Definitely comfortable : )
    The confident part is still evolving lol!
    Sometimes a "little" touch of something is just enough.

  8. Love your treasures...sweet faces and inspiring messages.
    I too thought that photo must be one of your daughters! You look so young and trim! No fair! Love the fox...I was working of wooly foxes this week too. xoxo m

  9. ha ha! I am laughing Mary : )
    Thank you <3
    I am re working the fox. His whiskers were bothering me.
    I can't wait to finish it so I can show it. I like it much better.
    There must be "fox energy" in the air : )

  10. Hello pretty Indian lady ;) this is how you look to me with your braided hair and the turquoise "bijoux" (jewelry. Turquoise definitely looks good on you. I love the little Madona and her beautiful eyes.
    I hope this day has been good for you, Marie. It is always so nice to visit you.