Tuesday, April 17, 2012

becoming more

I added the corn....
and tobacco

I know..... (it is not a pretty picture of tobacco!)
You may be asking why I would include this???
It is just a simple offering of thanks.

She is becoming more....
I added a strip of cloth I hand dyed a while back. I stitched the backside of the cloth so it would stay in place. I then added  3 crow feathers by wrapping  the top of each of them with different colors of thread.
I stitched a tranquil looking clay "face" bead on the front to represent the male side. I have more work to do on it...I am going to add more beads to it and maybe paint symbols on it???? I have not completely decided yet.
Also, initially I  was concerned because the leather was heavier and that it would not "rattle" properly, but once I added the corn it seemed to balance things out and it has a somewhat "quiet" rattle.....
that is ok.
Each rattle is unique and she is a quiet one.


  1. She's beautiful, Marie. Quiet is good...

  2. so beautiful..lovely to see how you create herx lynda

  3. Looking good! Love the little face and the trio of colors.

  4. Marie, I love her. The feathers, the cloth, oh so wonderful. Watch out for those quiet ones is what I've always heard! xo

  5. Hi Suzanna,

    Quiet is good...soothing. I began beading last night.
    Just trying to figure out how I want to attach the beads...

    Thank you <3

  6. Hi Lynda,

    The stones and herbs were gifted to me...
    I just put them together..pretty easy.
    The crow feathers were left as a gift from the crows
    many moons ago : )
    That is when my real creative stitching journey began.
    THank you <3

  7. Hi Nancy,

    Those little clay faces are so cool. THey are made by a local artist.
    Each face is unique.
    The rattle needed color...the beads will add more.
    Thank you <3

  8. Hi Peggy,

    Ha Ha! Yep it is the quiet ones that are most powerful lol!

    I imagine a wise white haired woman when I think of the rattle.
    Still trying to decide whether I should polish the wood somehow???
    Will be adding more beads and still thinking about symbols.
    Thank you <3

  9. i want to hear its rattle. just beautiful to watch this grow.

  10. I love your quiet rattle, dear Marie. Surely it gives you a sense of comfort as you are creating her with precious materials and thoughtful care. I recognize the little clay face :) Pretty. All of it.

  11. Hi Handstories,

    Maybe I could record it???? : )
    I added just a few beads yesterday. I started stringing them a week ago and then "life"
    happened and I have barely had time to touch it.
    Maybe today....
    Thanks <3

  12. Hi Isabelle,

    I have been thinking of you as I was sitting at my desk.
    Thank you for the lovely fabrics and note <3
    I have them on my desk...so sweet!
    This rattle making is a new experience : )