Sunday, April 1, 2012

rattle song

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Today I was on a mission to find an oak branch that had fallen on the ground. It had to be the perfect size
to hold in my hand for my new project. Please note no branch was harmed in the making of this project. I found the perfect one rather quickly. Step one: sanding the oak branch.

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Step 2: I was gifted this piece of leather quite some time ago . I could not remember where I put it???
I literally had to go through all of my fabric boxes and  search everywhere to find it. At least I remembered I had it. Does that sound familiar?

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Step 3:  I drew a pattern for the leather. I gently taped the pattern to the leather and cut out my shapes.
I wanted to make sure I did not waste any part of the leather.

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Step 4: I am stitching up my new piece. (the butterfly is photo shopped in, due to my sparkle
nail polish not looking so great lol!)
I am creating a rattle. A rattle to put my sadness and pain in to. Then when it is played it is transmuted
into something beautiful.

My inspiration was from Lynn Andrews, one of my favorite authors:


A nice "how to" video

                                      Have a great week!


  1. May the smooth oak and soft leather hold your pain, while providing comfort.
    PS I like your bracelet.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Thank you <3
    I still have more sanding to do on the oak handle. I think I need a heavier sand paper.
    I want it to be really smooth.
    Oh and that little bracelet was found at a favorite shop and was a little gift to me,
    from me
    : )

  3. Nancy,

    p.s. the bracelet has inspirational words etched underneath...
    "inspired" "strong" "abundant" and "serene"
    that was one of the big attractions for me.

  4. I also love your bracelet and ring. Your hands shaking the rattle will smooth the oak even more and give it a beautiful patina. I was givin a "Damn It" doll to throw, shake, etc., but I like your rattle better. Visions of incanting words and shaking the rattle skyward! (I always start out with a 80 garnet grit sandpaper and work towards the higher numbered grit (220), then finish with steel wool. Garnet grit is for wood.)

    1. Hi Jeannie,

      I am funny about jewelry. It has to feel good on me in every way...including "energetically" or I will not wear it.
      I have always loved silver, which the ring is. The bracelet is pewter (no lead).
      Thank you for sharing the information about the sandpaper as I am a novice at this.

  5. Marie, I love your spiritcraft. Just so much, I love it. (And the bracelet and ring, too.) I can't wait to see how this tool of transformation turns out. I know you will make good medicine with it. xo

  6. Hmmm...thinking I need one of those...I have a lot to rattle away lately...Hope things are gonna get better! You were always the type to think on the bright side!

  7. Hi Peggy,
    Thank you <3
    I am going to take my time on this, (well actually I am a little slow on all my crafty things these days lol! :)
    I want to be "mindful" about each step
    and my intentions.

    p.s. you inspire me with your spirit craft <3

  8. Hi Gina,

    I love the idea of taking things in life that have been difficult and focusing them into a rattle. Perhaps using certain symbols to represent
    events, etc that we find painful or sad. Then taking that very object and playing music with it.
    Transmuting all those painful thoughts into something more beautiful.
    Thank you...I am still trying to think on the bright side.

  9. A very strong, healthy project...We have a local potter that makes rattles out of clay. I've been meaning to make something similar with paper mache... you've inspired me too. :)

  10. Hi Deb,

    Oh!clay sounds like so much fun. Would love to do that...
    I have not worked with paper mache very much, but that would
    make a fine rattle.
    Right now my leather is hanging outdoors filled with sand and I am waiting for it to dry to the bulb shape so I can fill it with dried corn.
    Looking to do another project while I am waiting.
    Thank you<3

  11. what a wonderful idea, marie! i can't think of a better wood choice than oak, either, for this! the idea of rattling away sadness and pain really resonates with my heart. i imagine the vibrations will likely bring in the old norse ideas, as well...that oak is the gateway to the three worlds of the shaman... very cool...

    brightest of blessings!

  12. Hi Joe,

    Very interesting about the oak. I just knew that oak would make a lovely handle. I hear it is one of the hardest woods....There are several oak trees by where I live and I knew the oak had dropped some branches over the winter.
    Sure enough within 5 minutes I found the handle for my rattle. I know the oak carries a lot of spiritual significance. I like that!
    So much to learn...
    thank you <3
    Peace to you <3