Tuesday, March 1, 2011

de-constructing time

My journey of de-constructing time has begun.
 My sister sent me two boxes of things
that had belonged to my grandmother.
I opened the boxes not knowing what she would have chosen....There are hand towels,
one embroidered tattered pillowcase, (my favorite thing), and clothes she wore. There is
a bit of fabric, nothing I would ever choose (too synthetic), but special, none the less, because my grandmother chose
it. I carefully unpacked everything and began cutting apart the clothes. Tearfully at first because the smell of the fabrics
and clothes reminded me so much of her and my mother...
Funny how our senses bring back so many memories.
Not long after I began cutting the tears went away and I decided it was indeed ok to make
the quilt and travel through the memories each little scrap of fabric would bring.
I am willing to travel down this road of (self) discovery....
                                   Begin again, knowing that those I love
are watching over me somehow and are probably amused at me and my
ramblings at times.
: )

Part of this new journey is learning new ways of stitching.
I have had the opportunity to take Jude's

Cloth to Cloth class,

All I can say is it is, fabulous and if you were even remotely thinking of taking
the course, it is so worth it! 
She now has it in a video/pdf format so you can work at your own pace.
She is so knowledgeable about fabric and stitching and she offers so many
helpful insights.
I look forward to practicing what I have learned.


One of the items in the box was a Linen calendar from 1973. I am pretty sure I had something
to do with giving it to my grandmother. Back then, linen calendars/pictures hanging on the wall
 were quite popular.
I want to say it was some sort of school fund raiser and we bought one for my grandmother
as a gift.

I liked the pictue part of the calendar for the quilt I am making, but I felt the calendar
part would be too much.
When I sat back and looked at the calendar and thought about my grandmother
I kept thinking ...."and there was time no more."
She had somehow stepped out of time.
So, I decided to cut off the calendar part and cut it into strips and weave
it back together.

At this point, I participated in Jude's online course and found new inspiration...
I will share more as I move along.


  1. Wow. That's wonderful. I love the way the calendar pieces look together. I still have a swatch of fabric from my grandmother's sofa!

  2. Making time into something else...something comforting and full of memories.

  3. J. Kwladkowski,
    Thank you. I was pleasantly surprised by the way the pieces landed
    and I like it much better. I look forward to where this "journey" leads.
    : )

  4. Suzanna,
    Yes, I like that it will be made into something useful and full of memories. My grandmother would be happy because she grew up on a cotton farm. They did not take anything for granted and used and appreciated all that they had. <3