Sunday, January 30, 2011

sharing hearts

Yes, I am still here....

My car stopped working due to the extreme weather and now it has to be reparied and
I am recovering from being ill.  However, I can not
complain because we all face challenges, right?

I know I must continue to have gratitude and with that comes a grateful heart...

I thought it would be fun to go through my pictures and find some hearts I had done, while I am waiting on my  camera.

Some words that seemed to stand out to me today...

"The mule that carries a bag of gold on its back does not know the value of
that load. Likewise, man is so absorbed in toting the burden of life,
hoping for some happiness at the end of the trail, that he does not realize
he carries within him the supreme and everlasting bliss of the soul.
Because he looks for happiness in "things," he doesn't know he already
possesses a wealth of happiness within himself."


  1. You make such strong hearts...

  2. I think this a journey of the heart for me : )

  3. This time No. 3 is my favourite... - get well soon...

  4. That one is called, "the alchemy of change".
    Just resting and trying to take it easy..thank you!
    : )

  5. So many beautiful hearts ! Each with different feelings. I like the 4th one, although there is sadness there is warm comfort and protection in the embrace of those wings. Love your art, Marie.

  6. Wonderful heart. I love the quote too, Maria. I would love to know what attributes blogspot has vs. wordpress. I am up for renewal of my domain mapping on wordpress and am considering another blog connection.

  7. love all these heartrs.....getting ready for Valentines Day?x Glad your car is ok and please rest and get better.xxlynda

  8. Isa,
    when I made that heart I imagined an angel wrapping their
    wings around a sad heart and mending, it.
    : ) Thank you...I like your art too! <3

  9. Phyllis, What I like about blogspot is the way you can display your blogroll
    with images of each blog. Also, you can put up a slideshow of your work
    which currently resides at the very bottom of my blog. You have options
    for the sizing of your pictures. I feel it offers more options as far as add-ons. There is probably more but, those are a few things I really like.
    Sometimes change is a good thing : )

  10. lynda, I am a "heart" kinda gal. Love stitching them. Thank you.
    Always ready for Valentines : )
    Going to keep resting...thank you <3

  11. Thank you for sharing your heart and your hearts x

  12. <3 This little blogspot and all the women who gather are my joy..
    a place of the heart. : )
    Thank you!

  13. Marie, I hope your health and your car get better soon! We are expecting some nasty weather here, too, but prob not as severe as what you have. You know Austin - one day Spring, the next Winter. (: Love the hands healing the broken heart.

  14. Yes, you are on a journey of the heart!Have fun with your new camera. The way technology and every thing else is changing so fast, as you mentioned, getting a new camera every few years is practically essential.(And foolish, I know!) I like the heart with little red-orange flames in the center. Looks like you have enough hearts to make something big. I agree with your idea of what the Madonna and child mean. I am not an active Christian or Catholic, but I think the Madonna image belongs to me just as much as it does to church goers. I love to collect old Madonna & Child ceramic statues and planters from yard sales and thrift stores, etc. and tuck them among the plants in my garden, watch them weather and rejoin the earth.

  15. Hi Gina,
    I am better now and my car is recovering...
    thank you.<3
    It seems we are all getting our share
    of the "funny" weather. We are bracing for more.
    Yep, the weather in Austin is a bit of a roller coaster lol!
    That is wings healing the broken heart, but hands will work too! :)

  16. Hi Julia, I am still waiting on a camera. I would
    not even thinking of replacing the camera I had but for the fact that mine was broken. The Madonna
    and child are such a powerful symbol for so many different reasons and a beautiful thing to collect. :)
    I am sure in your garden they "grow and become"
    more beautiful with age.
    Thank you.

  17. Storycloth, I never get bored with
    stitching much fun! <3
    Thank you.