Saturday, March 5, 2011

stitching waves

I decided to work on the boro Madonna/heart/water quilt again.

Just quietly stitching today......
The children have been on spring break this week
and I have been busy working, so I have not had much time
to stitch.

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Have a great day!


  1. Thank you! Enjoying the "blues"

  2. Very very nice. You do more with five kids than I do with none, is a special herbal blend or drink. Ha! (just kidding) I have to keep coming back here for motivation (as well as inspiration) you astound me.

  3. Love the colors and textures in this piece.
    The calendar weaving is a great way to honor your it too!

  4. Hi Helen,
    My oldest son is grown, my oldest daughter is away in college and my 3 younger ones are teenagers so, I only have 3 children at home. When I am not working, I find the most relaxing thing I can do is stitch. I am not a TV watcher, only HGTV on occasion. I find inspiration from other blogs too.
    : )

  5. Hi Mary,
    I really like the blue and purple too. I think my grandmother would
    be amused with the calendar piece. I can see her smiling in my mind.
    : )

  6. Hi Jill,
    Thanks. I really like your icon/gravitar that you have with your comment. Beautiful stitching.
    I visited your have been busy : )

  7. I love the colors of this, so very beautiful!

  8. I love the surface of this one Marie..and we had a great weekend, thankyou!!

  9. Oh my, this is just so sumptuous. I'm just had a lovely ramble through your blog and so enjoyed looking. Thank you, clothmate!

  10. I am so happy you stopped by : )
    I visited your blog and enjoyed seeing the mixed
    Thank you <3

  11. Hi Phyllis,
    I love the indigo and purple colors too. It is a big piece so lots more
    stitching to do : )
    Thank you.

  12. Hi Karen,
    Glad you had a great weekend with family <3
    Looking forward to more stitching today.
    I have the day off : )