Tuesday, November 1, 2011

after the fact

A recent find...I have just begun reading this book. Love it!

Part 1, “Handbook for Earth-Connected Parenting,” gives techniques for developing a child's inner wisdom and sense of the sacred: dream journals, visualization, Tarot play, talismans, and interactions with the natural world

Part 2 is a guide to the specific seasonal festivals, and offers a comprehensive collection of practical and enjoyable ways to celebrate the sacred days of our ancestors. Make a bean rune divination system, gather smudge sticks, grow grass pots, assemble a “dream pillow,” create altars the authors offer easy-to-follow suggestions. 

Although it is after the fact aka Halloween I am still enjoying this candle lampshade....

reminds me of shadow puppets.

finished this!

almost done with Frida Kahlo. I want to add some earrings and perhaps add more detail to the flowers.
Trying to figure out how to add the 5 o'clock shadow with thread??? I have had to rip it out twice!
: )


  1. What another interesting and lovely post, thank you. I like this lampshade too and the book sounds fascinating for children... and parents. What a joyful and artistic skull ! It's beautiful, Marie. Frida looks great and earrings would be just gorgeous on her. I really admire your embroidery.

  2. Hi Isabelle,

    The book is written in a way that helps parents share and teach their children but, even if you did not have children it is a great learning tool.
    Thank you for your kind words. I remember doing my first embroidery piece when I was 21 or so. I am self- taught.