Monday, November 14, 2011

Un stuffed!

I know this is not pretty but this is what I worked on yesterday. You see I am trying to slowly get through all the projects that have been lying around for months. This is the arm of a doll and you see how those little fibers are coming through the fabric? I kept walking by and looking at the doll thinking she was somehow getting dusty from neglect but upon further inspection I realized it was polyester fibers coming through. I thought surely if I pull them off that will be the end of it. Nope!
I wanted natural fibers like 100% cotton or wool stuffing. At this point no such luck locally. I found some organic cotton on line. I will say I found a combination of bamboo and polyester locally and I opted to purchase that so I could finish this project. I unstuffed the doll and used the bamboo/poly fiber fill. I will say it is 85% better but, not perfect.

This is the bamboo/poly fiber fill. Notice it looks more like cotton.....

This is the nasty stuff...notice the shiny fibers! They are stiff and work their way through the fabric continuously. eeuk! 
I know this stuff is part of the plastic/oil industry. Seems to me the natural fibers are sooo easy and readily available but instead we are inundated with this stuff at the sewing stores! Just saying....

I finally stitched up a doll dress using scraps of 1930's reproduction fabric.
Just need to make her knickers and do her hair.


  1. your doll looks very sweet. love the fabric combination of her dress. i know the convenience & frustration of polyfill. over at drucilla's blog ( she recently showed a old doll stuffed with an old quilt. using fabric scraps might be something i'll try in the future.

  2. Hi Handstories,

    I have thought of using old fabric scraps.... I will go check out the blog you mentioned. I love that reproduction 1930's sack cloth fabric....
    Thank you : )

  3. Cute!! And I love your new blog header. I'm all for the natural stuff - in home furnishings AND clothing.

  4. Your blog header is wonderful, Marie, and that doll!!! -- that cheerful 30's fabric is so perfect for her outfit. I, too, hate that polyfill stuff...but sometimes it's got its place, I guess.

    It happened again -- the same-wavelength-thing -- I got out a doll I made a while back and studied her this morning -- before I read your post! She's never been dressed either. Decided she's an eco doll (made from socks) so she needs a recycled outfit, too. Fun to think about! xo

  5. First thing I noticed was your blog header was new. Very nice and seasonal.

    I have been disappointed with that kind of batting as well. Glad you found a solution! Beautiful in nicely with the your dolls sensibilities.

  6. Hi Gina,

    I decided the pumpkin header was just way too big and I wanted to gather some things I had made (exception, the dolls on the far right).
    I love cotton. I have always steered away from a lot of synthetics. I remember my mother and grandmother thinking that it was the next best thing to sliced bread. Yuk! not me!
    Thank you <3

  7. Hi Woman with wings,
    The Madonna painting was a gift I made for someone. It was a very large painting. I wanted to include some things I had made that represent a part of me...Thank you <3

    Ha! (smiles) I love the wavelength thing. It happens a lot.
    Can't wait to see your doll : )

  8. Hi cosmic arcata,

    I felt like my little blog needed a new "dress" lol!
    Changing the header is like putting on a new dress.
    It seems more winterish. : )

    I really like those cheerful colors in that little dress and I love the word you used, "sensibilities".
    Thanks <3

  9. Pretty doll in her "sunday dress";) I love the top part with the little dogs. Using old fabric scraps may be a great idea, recycling, all natural. I also need to change my header... love yours.

  10. Hi Isabelle,

    It would be a "twirly" dress if it were larger : )
    The fabrics are the reproduction 1930s flour sack cloth.
    very interesting.
    Thank you <3

  11. I love the new header too. I've used cloth scraps for stuffing. It makes a firm, sometimes lumpy batting. Just a bit more info on the batting for you...the bamboo might not be any better environmentally than the poly. Bamboo takes a lot of chemicals to break down into fabric.

  12. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for the info on the bamboo. It does not surprise me that it is not any better. I will use up this bag and from then on rags, wool or cotton only!
    I am really looking forward to getting some of the 100% organic cotton. : )

  13. Loving your dollie! Such great fabrics.
    I agree with you on the stuffing problem.
    No one here sells natural stuffing either.
    For little projects I sometimes use organic cotton balls from the drug store for stuffing pins and things...
    xoxo always enjoy my visits!

  14. Hi Mary,

    I am surprised they do not sell natural stuffing near you.
    I have found this place on line:
    I am thinking of ordering some stuffing...if I do, I will let you know what I think.
    You know me and the little black dolls : )

  15. I've had the same problem, with poly fill coming out through the fabric. I thought it was because the fabric I used (quilting cotton and muslin) was not thick enough...