Wednesday, January 26, 2011

feminine and free

This was a piece I did a while back. The shape of the woman is modeled after the Venus
of Willendorf: I created this piece to represent "the goddess", that feminie energy or the feminine side of what I call "god/dess".

As I observe everything around me and my own life too, I see so much change taking
place on every level for all people. Whether it is subtle or obvious. We are all experiencing
what I think is a rapid amount of change with everything speeding up at an astounding pace.

I see it as a creative/feminine force and although painful at times; I still see it as "good".
My personal work is leading me into a very "creative/feminine" way:

This is a rather large acrylic painting I did as a gift to someone.
Again, it was a Madonna, but for me it 
the divine

a basket full of goddess tokens
I created from a pattern I made...

I thought it would be fun to share my free pattern with you.

the pilgrimmage and ancient cloth copyright 2011

They are so easy to make:
1. Just enlarge pattern to desired size and cut out fabric.
2. embroider whatever you wish on the front and back pieces.
3. If you decide to add a separate piece of fabric for the headpiece, attach at this time.
4. Put both pieces of fabric right sides together and stitch around the edge,
leaving a space open to turn and stuff.
5. stuff and stitch closed.
6. wah! la! your done : )
If anyone decides to make one please share your photo with me
would love to see it!


  1. Oh my gosh -- I printed out that pattern quite a while back -- but your name wasn't on it so I didn't know where it came from! It's yours! Wow. How long ago was the original post on this? It's nearing the top of my want-to-make pile -- so I think I'll be making it soon now. Thank you, Marie, I really love this.

  2. I created that pattern when I had my first blog:
    thepilgrimmage. It is no longer available for public viewing. Those little goddess figures are
    so much fun to make.
    Yep, it's my little pattern I created. When you
    make them you must share a picture :)
    I am so happy to find a kindred spirit.