Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a boro heart

(this is a wip)

I was thinking that when a heart is touched with pain, sadness or loss
it has to be mended.

What could mend a sad heart?

Time of course, but what else?

Good memories and hope.

What could represent this in cloth?
a boro heart, of course.
Boro is a Japanese term meaning "tattered rags".
At one time fabric scraps were considered precious and
repairing clothes and bedding an absolute
Just as each bit of cloth was considered precious, so
are memories of the heart.

When I began to look closer at Boro fabrics:


I was blog hopping and came across a video by jude @spiritcloth.
The video can be found at Jude's blog under the video section:
It is The Magic Cloth Day 37
There is something so intriguing to me about the pieces of 
cloth that are stitched together so seemingly random and the stories
each one must "hold".
I am certain that is why from the moment I came across
Jude at Spirit cloth's blog, a couple of years ago, in my spirit I heard a big
resounding "Yes! this is it". 
I knew a door had been opened and a journey begun for myself.
A way to connect with myself
and a way to express in cloth, what I find so difficult to do in words.
Stitching has given me a comfort and a way to focus
and a way to meditate about things.
I am curious and long to understand this world but, mostly 
trying to understand my life and journey here.

My shy son told me yesterday, "Just remember Mom things
get worse before they get better...and they do get better."

They do get better <3
there is hope!
lastly, when I began stitching this piece it was for an entirely
different reason but, I was shown what I am sharing with you.
This journey always amazes me
: )


  1. Marie, thank you for sharing the journey. So heartfelt and so connecting on many levels.

  2. I think this is a journey of the heart....
    I thank you for being here with me <3

  3. I'm just popping to say Hi ~ I'm not back yet as we are very behind on repairing the house, but we'll get there. It's like mending hearts, broken hearts and fabric hearts, just takes time. I love your boro heart as a symbol for so many things that need to be mended, stitched back together, repaired, repainted. I guess we're always in the middle of mending, aren't we? I love your new blog, by the way!! xo Kari

  4. So happy you stopped by to say Hi.
    House construction always seems to take longer...
    You are right about "mending". It does seem we
    are alway mending something. I mended a stack of
    blue jeans for my girls yesterday. You know the ones we bought with holes in them? The school decided no hole-ee jeans anymore.
    I like this new blog spot...still getting used to it.
    Thank you <3

  5. Wonderful post!!!. I like the journey that you are "stitching" about. HOPE!!!

  6. Thank you...just "heartfelt" words.
    Hope is something we can use more of <3
    This is definitely a journey of the heart...