Monday, January 10, 2011


Welcome to my new blog.....

I have had this in my spirit for a long while. I feel blogger offers so many
more possibilities and unique ways to share so, I hope you will enjoy my
new little "corner" of the  "blog-o-sphere"

For this new year I am trying to become more focused. I have a tendency to 
become a bit "scattered", which at times can be a gift and other times
an incredible distraction.

A new beginning.....

                                                             a pine cone

This would be the view of a pine cone looking down at the top of it.
I have always been fascinated with the shape of the pine cone.
Just holding one in my hand has always felt like some magical
gift from nature.

Apparently, many others through history have been drawn to the pine cone as well
for it has been a symbol throughout history.
It has been likened to the pineal gland in the human body.
The pineal gland sits at the center of the brain and has been called the "third
And for good reason, the pineal gland contains water which has rods and cones
in it, just like our eyes. 
If one was laying down looking upward, the pineal gland lines up with the
point between the eyebrows. In some cultures red paint or makeup is used
to mark this spot or a jewel/bindi is placed in that spot.

Also, the pine cone is a perfect example of the fibonacci spiral:

also you can find:

a large pine cone at the Vatican
surrounded by peacocks, representing

Also, a staff of the pope has a pinecone

you can also find a  on the
 Osiris staff

This little cloth will be meaningful to me because I began it Christmas night,
I heard the song Amazing Grace in my spirit, which was my Dad's mothers
favorite song....I knew in that moment my Dad was leaving this Earth...
I think it was an announcement of sorts from the angels....

I hope to have some more stitching done soon....
stay tuned : )


  1. Good to start fresh sometimes.... Pine cones are very amazing things.

  2. Congratulations, Marie :) you new little corner where we gather is very welcoming. As is your first post. Love pine cones too, so different in every tree. We call them "apple pine" or "pive" (peev) in French :)Good luck with your new blog.

  3. I like your new blog Marie...I'll be looking anew at pinecones...

  4. Deb, I think starting with a new blog feels like a cool breeze on a sunny day, which is a nice thing : )

  5. Thank you Isa, I think this little blog is going to be a cozy spot : )

    I am still learning how to use blogger..Can anyone enlighten me about how to comment individually? :/

  6. Suzanna, I like all the new options especially the blog list with the pictures of what is going on with each blog and all the additional things I can do.
    : )

  7. Marie, Love your new blog and I am sending you love and healing prayers. Glad you are taking time off..
    Lots of hugs from the West coast,

  8. Hi Mary <3
    Thank you so much...I am feeling your love and prayers.
    I am liking all the new gadgets. : )

  9. very refreshing here. a big hug.

  10. A new beginning is a good thing : )
    Thank you for stopping by, you have made my day...
    hugs <3

  11. I'm so glad you're back. I didn't know all that about the pinecone. Thanks!

  12. I would not stay away for long...this little blog is my passion : )
    Thank you <3

  13. hi maria, so sad to hear about your loss. the music from the past can surface many memories. one of my dad's favourite songs came on the radio recently and it brought so many intense feelings with it. remembering your dad intensely is a good thing. may his spirit lives on through your memories. big hugs from afar.


  14. Dearest T,
    Thank you so much for your kind words <3
    It means so much to me.