Friday, January 21, 2011

ya never know...

Work in progress
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I am working on some new things but, unfortunately I have a little camera issue....
actually a big camera issue.

You see my daughter #2 was in a dinner theater play last night and
requested to borrow my camera after the play was
over.  (She is very responsible and I did not
think twice about letting her use it.)
Unfortunately, she ask a young man to take a
picture of her and another friend and he decided
it would be funny to throw my camera to another
little boy, who missed catching the camera.
Needless to camera is broken.

As soon as I have another camera I will share some of the new
things I am working on.



  1. Just found your site and subscribed to it. Love your work. Don't you just love our children? Haxlynda

  2. Oh that's awful! I missed my camera so much while I had to wait for a new one.

  3. Sorry about this big camera problem... I hope you can solve it in a way or another. Love your WIP !

  4. Hi Lynda, Thank you for stopping by. I had a visit of both of your blogs.
    LOOOVE the dyed fabrics! It is a lot like waiting for Christmas/Holiday
    to open those bits of treasure : )
    I could not be angry at my daughter at all. She was so upset, but yes,
    ya gotta love'em. Always keeping me on my "toes" lol!
    Enjoyed seeing your photography. It is fun to look at the world through
    a different "eye"/camera. I am always surprised when I take pictures of my
    work and what I did not see before I took the picture. <3

  5. Hi Deb,
    The funny thing is I had plans to snap a few more
    photos of my new piece in the day light, the next morning....
    so much for "plans" lol! : )

  6. Hi Isa,
    I am sure the camera thing will work out. An "angel" has already
    appeared! ; )