Tuesday, January 25, 2011

scrappy and worn

I thought it would be fun to go back in time and pull out some old photos of work I have
done since I am in "wait-mode" for a new camera. 
      Over time I have "fallen in love" with the scrappy, worn, torn, mended look .
When I am thrifting now I look at worn objects in a new way.

 a bit of a cloth ceremony outside a couple of years ago...somewhat scrappy?
                                                                          : )

CC License View

I think over time these fabrics will "become" more  beautiful with a worn
patina, like the Velveteen Rabbit:

a favorite children's book.

daughter #3's "Velveteen Rabbit" (Bun Bun)
repaired so many times, I can not even begin to tell you...
gone through so many little clothes that literally were
rags (I should have saved all of them!)

part of the journey of the h-e-a-r-t ...



  1. Love the first one... - + you´re right: such a lot of photos amassed, such a lot of pieces once made - a lot of them deserve to be taken out and shown again anyways...

  2. It occurred to me that I should share some of my old stuff while
    I was waiting on a camera.
    Also, I thought perhaps new folks would not have seen
    my original work. Plus, it is fun to see how I have evolved over
    time : )

    I like that first one too! <3

  3. How fun to see your other projects and works. I love the little rabbit. How sweet.

    One thing about you, Marie, is there there are no ugly fabrics. You know how to create beauty in everything you touch. Sometime I limit myself by just wanting things to be too perfect. I love the worn and hogpog look that you have created in your quilts.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

  4. That little rabbit has traveled so many miles and even though daughter #3
    is a big girl she quietly lays her bunny against her pillow and covers it every morning...so sweet : ) (talk about "touch a mom's heart")
    I sort of need that hodge podge look, otherwise I will get bored. I do appreciate other peoples beautiful quilts but, I need variety as I stitch to keep my interest, plus I feel it is part of my journey/story.
    By the way, your quilting, quilts and piecing are fabulous!
    Thank you <3