Monday, March 7, 2011

ancient heart song


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As I was stitching this new piece I was reminded of a brand new baby chick I had
brought home from the post office long ago:

The melodious box of little babies singing and chirping. I had never before raised
baby chicks, so this was all new to me. Being a mother myself a sense of urgency
grabbed hold of me and I quickly got the new babies home to feed and water.
A few little chicks did not make the journey, but as I understand it, that happens.
within a day or so of watering and feeding my little herd was doing well....
all except one. The others began pecking at it and I quickly removed the little
baby to a safe warm box near the fire place. It was still cold outside and it was necessary
to keep them warm. The little chick struggled and struggled to keep going. Finally,
it began singing the most beautiful song, and it would not stop. As if it were a clarion
call to some distant memory from long ago. On and on it sang like I have never heard
a little tiny bird sing...until finally it passed away. I think the little chick was singing a "heart song".

I think our heart sings an ancient song. One that continues on and on.....

The background fabric is a turquoise linen fabric cut from a dress.

The heart is cut out of fabric from:

also the center of the heart is fabric from gerdiary.

The fabric she sent is fabulous. If you are looking
for wonderful hand dyed unique fabrics I recommend
her beautiful fabrics. (lovely to stitch with :)

As with most pieces, this needs more stitching and I will be
embroidering words on it. The "whole" picture turned out too grain-ee.
I will share that another day. It has been raining here, so there has not
been enough light for good pictures.



  1. Yes, I think so, that the heart sings an ancient song...

  2. What a gift you were given from that little chick -- it sang its life song all at once for you -- I won't forget this. Thank you, Marie.
    I love the colors on this new piece.

  3. Hi Deb,
    So many mysteries to life to think about.
    : )

  4. Woman with wings,
    It was a gift. Sometimes I find life lessons in the smallest things.
    I no longer live in a place where I can have chicks but, it is amazing how they each have such a" personality"
    : )