Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What have I been up to?

I have only a little crochet to share with you. It seems that the demands of everything else have
taken over for a little while. I managed to squeeze this little bit in while waiting on my laundry.
The washer decided to stop working and until it is replaced, visits to the laundry mat are necessasry.
The good news is our local laundry mat is nice and I am using this little bit of time to run errands or crochet.

Also, I wrote a new poem:

You always came bearing gifts....

                  good food
                                good drink
                                              good conversations
We tilled the soil,
built a fence,
watched the fruit trees grow.

The owls flew in the Walnut trees...
I had never seen owls so big!

Hover bees danced to the music of the spheres
and there were rings around the trees.

You know I loved and lived magic.

You slept with your knit hat on, with the flaps
that covered your ears, like a Peruvian in the
It always made me smile.

You were a good friend.

Thank you for every thing....
Be well...

Some fun things to look at:

 This is visually fun for all you knitters:

beautiful clothes:

Have a great day!



  1. I love the photography...the lighting is beautiful. The poem was very nice and went well with your post.
    I just enjoy visiting you here!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Cosmic Arcata,
    The photography was courtesy of a low light room...
    lol! :)
    Glad you stopped by for a visit. <3

  4. Deb...Whoops, sorry I did not mean to delete your comment. I was responding to another comment and I wanted to add more to what I published and well I chose the wrong thing to delete.
    Anyway, I thought of you when I saw those trees covered in knitting. I used to walk along those trees in Austin. Fun!

  5. p.s. Deb, I am crocheting a scarf.

  6. The poem is beautiful, Marie! I really loved it. Just so honest and sweet and kind of Pablo Neruda-like. Where did you learn to compose poetry?

    The crochet is just yummy looking. Nothing like a laundry away from home to inspire and comfort. I sometimes had my most creative thoughts there.

    I looked at the websites. Love the knitted sleeves on the trees! And the Filly Designs are great. She is from Portland, Or. I loved her so much that I added her to my links so I could go back and drool.

    I am mailing you an article I think you would enjoy reading.

  7. Hi Phyllis, Thank you. I have been writing poetry since I was a young girl, maybe 12-ish. It was just a way to express my feelings and thoughts and I wish I still had all of the ones I have written...
    I looked at some of Pablo Neruda's poems...Lovely and simple. I like that.
    The crochet yarn is silk and bamboo, which makes it soft and drape-y.
    I agree about the laundry mat.
    Portland seems like such an amazing place? So many artist and shops, etc.
    I look forward to reading the article you send <3

  8. Marie, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do some yarn-bombing this spring. So cool. The crocheting is beautiful and "bearing gifts" is lovely -- some wonderful being who touched your life?

  9. It's funny how calming a laundromat can be - you can only do a craft or read while you sit there; it's not like you can go run off to another part of your house and clean! plus, the sounds of all the machines humming away helps...maybe I should save up laundry and head over there to hang out, huh? (:

  10. Hi Woman with wings, Oh I just love to look at knitting. I have tried it, but with not much success. I find crocheting so much easier. (I am still a beginner at that too:)
    It is magical to see the yarn around trees, don't you think?
    Just a nice friend I was thinking of...the words
    just began to flow. <3

  11. Hi Gina,
    You are so right about the laundromat vs. home.
    One up side is you get all your laundry washed and dried at the same time. Not 15 loads in one day!
    (I am exaggerating, but you know what I mean.)
    I was smiling when I read the part you wrote about
    maybe you should go to the laundromat...Happy
    Laundering :)