Friday, March 11, 2011

Good News

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Just a quick post to say:
 I hear the birds again....that is a good sign that Spring is not too
far away. That makes me smile. I have also heard a large woodpecker.
 The woodpecker is black with red spots and ver-r-ry large.

  Also, I will be "swinging back around"
to the quilt piece (above), and do some stitching on it, in celebration
of the coming of Spring.

This makes me happy:

The home is in Venice Beach California. I am not usually an orange person, but there is something so happy about this place!

This makes me happy too:

a sweet picture of daughter #3
(don't let the picture fool you, she is one strong girl)

daughter #2 and #3

and this is the "bathroom chronicles" lol!
Where ever we go, the girls dash into the bathroom and take a picture.
Why? who knows! Just for the fun of it.

I am sooo touched that I am mentioned in a new blog:

Jeanne has several other fabulous blogs you will not want to miss seeing...check it out
: )

Thank you Jeanne!

notey: I guess my word of the day is happy!


  1. Thank you Marie! Just came back to say I corrected the spelling in your name...sorry about that :) How cute are those girls of yours!! Great photo :)

    Jeanne xx

  2. My girls make me smile! Thank you <3

  3. It is starting to feel like spring! A happy thing indeed.

  4. Your daughters are cuties! I think orange is really an uplifting color in so many ways. How nice to be given such a lovely tribute in a blog. You deserve it, Marie.

  5. Jeanne,
    p.s. daughter #3 takes her own photos with the camera, computer camera or a game system...pretty
    amazing. : )

  6. Deb,
    The snow is melting here...yippee!
    Makes me happy!

  7. Phyllis,
    Thank you. My daughters are so funny.
    I seem to be attracted to orange lately...I think
    it reminds me of Spring colored flowers.
    I hope everyone will go visit Jeanne's fabulous
    blogs. <3

  8. Seeing the orange and then a picture of your two girls reminded me of this little poem quoted from a 70's flower child :)
    You are yellow and I am red and together we make orange and orange is my favorite color.
    Here's to Spring! Clocks go back and I hope this is the last of the snow (we just got some more)

  9. Nice 70's poem. The snow has remained at 2 feet or more for months with all the snow drifts and finally after 2 days of rain it is melting. I try to be thankful because I know it ultimately melts and becomes water for the plants, but I will be happy to see it go. Wishing you sunny days : )

  10. sweet girls. love the blue and yellow piece in your banner. thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. Hi deanna7trees,
    Thank you. My girls make smile.
    The blue and yellow piece in the banner is called
    "dream time", I created it after reading a book by
    Lynn Andrews, (Medicine Woman series). The name of the book is:Crystal Woman, Sisters of the Dreamtime. :)

  12. I really enjoyed your "Spring soon" blog, Marie. The piece of quilt is delightful ! As for the orange house... I simply loved it, orange being one of my favourite colours at home. My kitchen is yellow but the living room with its orange curtains captures warmly every slightest ray of sun. So appreciated in Winter. Thank you for Jeanne´s blog link too.

  13. I always love orange in the fall, but after seeing this home I think is would be fun year round! Yellow is such a happy color and great for a kitchen. Just the word "Spring" makes me happy.
    I look forward to going to a little farm/garden
    soon for fresh veggies. <3