Tuesday, March 1, 2011

calendar weaving



  1. I can remember these towel calenders from the 70ies, and the more I see of them again, the more I like them (I have a cloth creature by Denise Litchfield with a piece of one as a back, a detail I´m especially fond of) - and I think you´re right: they sort of ask for getting de-constructed...

  2. OMGss Marie! I just used some little square pieces from one as mosaics in my woven cloth, on Sunday, I think it was. We are on the same wavelength, as often happens between people of the cloth! What day did you make this? Just wondering. I used a 1972, I think. What year is yours? Have been collecting them, this is the first time I've cut into one. I felt so bad, but it only lasted for about 5 minutes. This will be so cool with the entire piece from the calendar, can't wait to see it!

  3. Piecing time together... :)

  4. Woman with wings,
    Ha! I love it. You are right about people of cloth being on the same wave length. I can not tell you how many times I have gone to someone's blog and find that they were working on what I was working on or something very similar.
    To answer your questions: I began working on the linen calendar on Saturday and it is from 1973.
    I probably would have felt bad cutting it up, but when I asked for some clothes and fabric to be sent it was with the intention that I would cut it up and re-use it for a quilt. So, I did not have any guilt lol!

  5. p.s. disregard any errors in spelling...I am still half awake
    : )

  6. Hi Deb,
    Yes, I thought of piecing "time" or days together, but in a new
    way because my grandmother stepped out of time.
    It would no longer be a linear row of numbers of days...just numbers.

  7. Hi Ger,
    I think I like them even better de-constructed : )
    Funny thing is I had forgotten all about the linen towel
    popularity of the 70's until I pulled this one from the box.
    What fun to have a doll with a bit of a calendar on it.

  8. Gina,
    I think this is going to be fun : )

  9. I came here from woman with wings, I don't visit too many blogs (time thing) but i put you on my favorites bar. Talk about the same page, I just commented to Peggy that I have a calendar I want to use but didn't like it as was so now I have the incentive to cut up to weave. Now I'll go check out the rest of your stuff. i first saw you have 5 children and feel like a fool for saying "it's a time thing" HA!
    I have no children and No time!!!!

  10. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for adding me to your side bar.
    What is the name of your blog?
    Whether you have children or not life can be sooo
    busy and leave you with little time
    :) I know how it can be. (smiles)
    I think cutting up the calendar just gives it an
    interesting new perspective. I look forward
    to seeing what you create.

  11. this is wonderful Marie...I love the numerals so much!! don't worry about the visiting, I'm not very good at it myself lately!!

  12. Hi Karen,
    It seems life is such a whirlwind...so busy with work, etc.
    The numbers all jumbled are so much more fun
    : )
    Thanks for visiting. <3

  13. http://thisibelieve.org/essay/58321/

    Marie, the above link is about cutting up a grandmother's saris for a quilt and it reminded me of you!! -- Peggy

  14. this is fabulous .... i lost contact with your blog, you moved ;) ... glad i found you again

  15. Hi Jude,
    Thanks! :)
    I am enjoying practicing what I have
    learned from your course.

  16. Woman with wings, Peggy,
    Thank you for the link. It was touching
    to read her story. I agreed with her about not
    leaving the saris in a closet to collect dust.
    We should use what we have.

  17. Hi Jill,
    Glad you found my blog again :)
    I missed your visits.
    I am really enjoying this fabric weaving.
    Thank you.<3