Monday, March 14, 2011


a new piece I am working on, inspired by the Bloomsbury artist.....

and a poem I wrote:

I am a traveler from far away.

Across a bridge of stars I have known.

I hold the sand in my hand,
~but it is not mine to own.

Trinkets and treasures come and go.
They fade and wither.

Thieves and vultures always at your back.

I come to collect memories, 
and then,
I return home.

I am a traveler from far away.....


  1. This is lovely, Marie. Linear, colourful, striking. I loved the poem too. Collecting memories is also something I enjoy.

  2. goodmorning Isabelle <3
    This will join my boro/water/Madonna quilt.
    Collecting memories is a good thing : )

  3. Marie, a beautiful poem -- soothing for my emotional Cancerian self today. And I love the fish cloth -- also perfect for this watery moonday.

  4. this Pisces loves your fish and your poem.

  5. woman with wings,
    Thank you. I was getting in bed last night and I began to "hear" the words in my mind for that little poem. I actually got up so I could write it! I was born in July too! I am a sensitive soul as well. Fish are always fun :)

  6. deanna7trees,
    :) I am smiling.
    Thank you <3

  7. Wow you wrote this? I'm impressed. Very nice and I like the fish. I thought it was a copied poem til I read the comments. Also, I just noticed (could have been there a while, I'm a bit slow) but I love, love, love your feather in your header.Well, all the work in the header is great, but just noticed the feather. :)

  8. Hi Helen,
    I am blushing....yes, I wrote the poem. :)
    The header is three separate pieces, "Dreamtime,
    "Acorn Moon" and "Blue Star Kachina".
    Thank you