Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Praying hands

Watch this:


I have found another copy of this book at a local resale shop, as mine was
misplaced. It was given to me as a gift during a difficult time and I so enjoyed reading it.
I want to re-read it again. It seems timely that it found me again.

I wish I could say I have accomplished a lot of stitching, but it has been minimal

I spent quite a bit of time doing tiny back stitches on the Bloomsbury inspired fish piece.
 When I began stitching it just seemed the piece "demanded" tiny stitches.  lol!    : )

I embroidered the words,"time no more" on my grandmothers quilt piece. That is about it for now.
 My goal is to spend some time over the weekend stitching...
we will see....



  1. a very moving video. appropriate for this time.
    i enjoyed the book, eat, pray, love. was disappointed with the movie.

  2. Now don't throw stones at me or anything, (I have discussed with others, and am not alone) What exactly did you like about the book? I liked when she went to India to the shram but that is about it. The cover of the book sold me as I purchased it wayyyy before the craze hit. The ones who said they liked it, could not really tell me why. so I was just curious.

  3. Oh ya, forgot to mention i liked your stitching on the woven calendar! Still haven't gotten the nerve to cut into mine. Should just bite the bullet. Ha! helen salo

  4. Hi Deanna7trees, I did not see the movie, but it seems most movies never quite live up to how good the books are, right?
    The video is of a Japanese artist work. The hands are those of Buddhist monks.

  5. Hi Helen,
    hmmm...what I liked about the book was: There were certain moments along the way she described how she felt i.e. tears, trying to understand why she felt a certain way, etc., I could relate to that. I have an affinity toward India/ashrams, although I have never been there. Reminds me of my early days 20's when I was into Paramahansa Yogananda, etc. My second husband is Italian, need I say more? lol! :)

  6. On the calendar...just go for it.
    lol! Once you start cutting the fear goes away.

  7. Helen,

    p.s. my oldest daughter is named Taj,
    after the Taj Mahal because her dad went to India,

    (I could have gone, but did not wish to go at the time.)
    He thought the Taj Palace was soooo beautiful and thought it a fitting name for her.

  8. Helen,
    I meant to say my first husband, is Italian, I am half awake.

  9. Time no more is a rather sad line, looks good on your calender though... - I enjoyed seeing the movie, because of JR mostly...

  10. Hi Ger,
    One way I look at the phrase, "time no more",
    is that my grandmother "stepped out of time", that
    way it is not sad. I see it as freedom :)
    I'll have to rent that movie.