Sunday, January 22, 2012


As I have tried to be more disciplined about stitching I have realized that each moment that we stitch we are "adding" to and building the blocks of the quilt...Each stitch makes a difference. The piece grows ever so slowly. I see life is that way. The little things we do each day add up. Good or bad. 

back to stitching.....


  1. It is a "balancing act" of color. I am enjoying the quiet rhythm of steady stitch again.

  2. A feeling of reassurance -- thank you. And I really like what you've pinned out -- the colors are balanced just right. I have a blouse so close to the light blue stripe that I just went and looked in my closet. They're not identical -- but now I want to cut up my blouse. ;-)

  3. This piece has lots of words to it.
    I am smiling because you went and looked for that blouse. The scrap of fabric that I used came from my recent trip to the quilt shop. Sometimes they have unique textured scraps of fabric (not the quilt-y type of fabric).I always grab those.
    I have a rule about clothes...if I do not wear them within a year...they are "free game!" lol!

  4. Beautiful blending of fabrics and thoughts. Each stitch like a thought or a deed. Sewing a quilt by hand is a totally different feeling and I am enjoying it deeply. Slowly but surely I am moving on with my quilt for Japan. The colours are brighter now and some of your fabrics have been "added", slowly, with much pleasure :)