Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cloth and falling light

Stitching together cloth today and going with what the cloth has to offer.  There are African fabrics and hand dyed fabrics included in this piece.The small hole was already there. It is part of a pillow case that belonged to my late grandmother. (I have mentioned this fabric before in another project.) The fabric is like butter when I touch it. So soft and willing to go in whatever direction I stitch.

After I took this picture I looked at the cloth and noticed how just a spot of sunshine fell on
the fabric and the words, "light falling" came to me.....

When I examined the cloth I had stitched I began to think about how the fabrics all come
together and how each piece has its own personality, so to speak : )


  1. nice. i've been thinking a lot of cloth memory lately. the cloth's personality (as you say) seems to depend on its past experience. we add to its experience each time we handle it.

  2. Exactly... - + I still enjoy handling that fabric personalities I got from you...

  3. Agree Marie...each has their own personality and 'light falling' is a perfect name for such a beautiful creation. What do you do with them when finsihed? Mounted, quilt, pillow? So many opportunities...
    Best wishes for a wonderful week Marie...a poscard is on it's way..
    Jeanne xx

  4. Marie -- light falling -- sounds like you were given a message from the ancient ones.

  5. Hi deanna7trees,

    Yes, I think it is like building a stone/brick at a time with the memory held in each
    piece and as we stitch whatever is going on in our life (in that moment) becomes part of the piece.
    : )

  6. Ger,
    I was thinking of you yesterday morning as I was digging my way through fabrics to locate all the special fabrics
    you sent . I knew I wanted to use some of those lovely hand dyed fabrics from you. : ) Glad you have found the fabrics
    I sent useful.

  7. Hi Jeanne,

    I am laughing about your question because I wish I could say that I have made so many quilts with all my pieces,
    but I have not. : )
    I am in the process of completing one Art quilt by April. I have an artist friend who is interested in it and has been
    after me to complete it for several very exciting reasons, which I will share at some point.
    Secondly, the piece above is for something I am very excited about and will share soon with everyone what it
    is for very soon.
    I am looking forward to receiving the postcard! I feel like a child expecting something in the mail. lol!
    You have a lovely week too and thank you xoxo

  8. Hi Woman with wings, Peggy,
    It was one of those "moments"! (smiles)
    <3 xoxo

  9. Those fabrics do have their own memories indeed... I could tell you some :) So pretty the way you create your own work with each of them, as they inspire you. "Light falling" is simply magic.

  10. I was thinking of you as I was stitching each little piece and wondering what memories each little piece
    of fabrics hold and where in Africa or where ever each piece was from.
    Maybe you can share with me sometime????

    The sun has been out the last few days but it is c-o-l-d..brrrr.
    : )