Monday, January 9, 2012


Old cloth being revisited......

Gathering fun photos for a miniature book for daughter #1 that I have been working on for at least 2 years. The little tiny book has pictures of family and just random things that are meaningful to my daughter and myself.

Still stitching on dolls and working on new ideas for this coming year....


  1. Good to look forward and backward...

  2. It's fun to see what you're up to! The book sounds just delightful and will be very special. The older we get, the more photos to go through, yes?

    Are the stitching and polka dots related?

  3. Hi Deb,
    I have everything hanging on my walls in my room. It is one big reminder of the past and future lol! I was inspired by Jude to hang them up. I thought it would motivate me to get it all done quickly. So far...nice decorations lol! <3

  4. Hi Nancy,

    It has been fun...I posted some pictures above so you could see : )

  5. Hi Woman with wings, (Peggy)

    The fabric is by Emma Bridgewater, a potter and It has nothing to do with anything except I love the fabric! I did not have any pictures of the dolls progress because it was not that interesting lol!

    The little book is so cute. ( I think). Yes, I think you can not have enough photos. : )

  6. Hello and Happy Healthy and Creative New Year !
    I have received the same colourful little book ;) Little by little it is being decorated with small and meaningful things like pictures, special paper and prints, stamps, pieces of fabrics, anything received by friends or being special to me. Thank you Marie.

  7. Hi Isabelle,
    It is such a tiny book but it has taken me two years to complete. lol!
    I just did not have enough tiny things/papers to put in it until now.
    I made a paper origami butterfly for the back page and made a little tiny pocket for it.
    I love your idea of gathering special bits from friends.
    I was thinking of you tonight...I am still working on your little something. : )