Sunday, January 15, 2012

A beautiful day

This is my day....driving by a small barn at a local apple orchard. (It was such a gorgeous day and I always
love seeing this little place.) At night the Christmas wreath is lit by a single up-light and it is quite beautiful. See the very old apple tree to the right? There is a whole orchard of trees to the right of this

This is a local park that sits at the lake edge. Just beyond the sign is the lake which is partially frozen
over. I decided to take a drive to my favorite little quilt shop which takes me through the country side and this little park is along the way. It is my way of getting away from it all.

I stocked up on some of my favorite bits of fabrics: 1930's replica flour sack cloths and replica Civil War fabric. 

It is not like I needed more is more like a diversion for me. A way to get away from it all.
I stopped in at a local grocery store grabbed a hot cup of coffee and a gingerbread man with a peace sign on it! Fun times for moi". 


  1. Such beautiful snow...charming barn!

  2. Sounds like you had good "me" time. Both of those fabric groups remind me of my mother - a master quilter. She has many that are similar. The scenery looks so beautiful!

  3. Snow makes everything look so clean.
    The New England landscape is so lovely.
    Your fabric really fits in with where you are with all the country and back to the land pictures.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    The snow is so pretty in the sunshine but, although it was sunny it was 6 degrees outside!
    brrr c-o-l-d!
    That barn always makes me smile :)

  5. Hi Gina,
    I did have a nice quiet time for "me". I enjoy taking my time looking at all the fabric. I just dash in usually for the scraps though. Fabrics on the bolt are at least $9-$10 a yard and I can pick up scraps for 25 cents each! Such a deal and perfect for me because I only use scraps for my quilting.
    I thought of you and your mom while I was doing this post because I know she does quilting and also likes these types of fabrics.

  6. Hi Becky, (Snail Cloth),
    The snow does make everything beautiful and clean looking.
    New England is beautiful. I would say in all seasons.
    With so much history in this part of the country,It seems like those fabric emerged from here. lol!
    Thank you <3

  7. A beautiful drive to a quilt shop to buy fabric, and a treat afterward -- now you know how to have a good time, in my opinion, Marie! I would've loved to have tagged along but this will have to do -- love your new fabrics! xo
    P.S. How did you get that lettering on the photos -- it looks like stitching on one and handwriting on the other?? Cool.

  8. Hi woman with wings, (peggy)

    (smiles) This is my idea of a good time lol! Sometimes I laugh because this is as "wild" as
    I get. I would have loved to have you along. Those pictures are deceiving because although
    it was was bitter cold. 5-6 degrees outside!

    I will email you on how to do that lettering. : )