Thursday, January 26, 2012

Elusive Valentines Cards

Valentines is one of my favorite Holidays because to me it is a no pressure kind of event. I love remembering friends and special ones on this day.
I was out yesterday in search of the ultimate Valentines cards and could not find not one!
The one above is from a package I found last year at one of my favorite discount home stores,
Home Goods. But, nothing to be found this where! Usually I find something in one of many of my favorite spots. But zero...nothing : (
This year I am going to have to be creative....

This is me on my day off wearing my favorite outfit (running around looking for those Valentines cards!) in two braids, little make up , my warm scarf and my LIFE IS GOOD t-shirt!

this is me all ready to go to work the previous day....

and this is what I worked on after I got back from running around looking for those elusive cards and misc. errands......stitching stars!
Have a great day!


  1. Do show us your creative solution! I like your off work look!

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I like my off work look better too! lol! I really do not like fussing and dressing up any more.
    I'd rather be stitching : )

    I will share my creative solution when I think of one lol!
    any ideas?

  3. Marie, you look great both ways but I do love the braids! And the hat and the scarf, too. Maybe you'll have to stitch up some valentines?

    Stitching stars. I like the sound of that! xo

  4. Hi woman with wings, Peggy,

    I so enjoy wearing my hair in braids and if I was home all the time that is how I would wear it. : )
    I do not like dressing up. What is it with when we get older? I hate trying on clothes now? Used to love it.
    The only stores I really enjoy anymore are the quilting store and I have a favorite thrifting store. Oh and book stores!
    I have stitched some Valentine postcards before....that is a possibility?
    I have lots more stitching to do today : )

  5. You look so lovely Marie, both ways. This dark yet luminous red shade looks great on you, as well as the turquoise colour, of course ;) Your Valentine card looks like the cover of a pack of sewing needles I bought some years ago. It was in two parts, so pretty, I am sure I kept it somewhere.