Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paying attention

I have cloth hanging on my walls and this piece keeps standing out to me....
When something keeps grabbing my attention it is time to take a closer look....pay attention. *
Maybe it is about waking up to the fact that each day is a gift and that the desire to be cared for is something that happens automatically from spirit. Perhaps my definition of  feeling nurtured and safe needs to be redefined so I find more gratitude in each day. It is about accepting the divine feminine within and the strength that comes with that....
Maybe it is about me being kinder to myself. Be the nurturer to me. 
It is about acknowledging the mother in me and that I am so busy running around trying to be the best I can for everyone else. Maybe she is saying "Hey you!"
"Pay attention to you!" 


Perhaps another reason it keeps "jumping out at me" is because it is part of my original quilt pieces that needs to be finished!
 : )

I must have it finished by April...more to come about that later.

This cloth continues with lots of words.....

another view of this cloth....

This is a new picture of daughter #1....
I am grateful she is strong and wise beyond her years....
I am missing her because she lives far away, but she is always in my heart <3

* addendum: Perhaps the goddess figure stands out because I am traveling through menopause. Waking at night soaked and then  freezing! sometimes during the day turning so hot while trying to work :/. It seemed turning 51 was like going around a corner and realizing that you must change your ways and care for yourself. That extra 10 pounds that literally came out of nowhere....fast! Knowing exercise and eating good things are the only way through this. Changing my thoughts too! 
just thinking.....
: )


  1. Oh, dear. It's so ironic that menopause comes just when we are starting to feel more powerful and in charge of our lives. I have had to change my ways - being healthy is a priority, though I wish I could lapse back into lazy...I like your chubby goddess. Maybe I should start thinking of myself as a goddess - I've got the bod for it. haha! Beautiful pic of Taj (:

  2. i really enjoy the words you put on your cloths. they trigger lots of thoughts.
    and menopause...i feel i am on the brink of it, things are changing, shifting & i haven't been paying attention-thanks for the reminder.

  3. Ahhh...yes the hot and cold of it! And the weight that wants to hang around longer than you want it to! Look forward to more of that cloth. The photo of your gal reminds me of my daughter who is also far away and missed.

  4. Your daughter is beautiful, just like you!!
    It is nice to remind ourselves how important we are and how we have to care for ourselves if we want to be available for the ones we love.
    I am so glad to see your goddess cloth and to see where you are going to go with this quilt.

  5. It really is important to take care of ourselves too... It's good that you are stitching more again. :)

  6. Marie, I love your Oh Really? cloth....it says so much, so well...xoxo, s.

  7. Hi Gina,

    That is such a good point...about feeling powerful and then being hit with menopause.
    (whose idea was menopause anyway? lol!)
    We are all the goddess..domestic and otherwise : )
    I miss Tajy so much....she is such a sweetie.
    Thank you <3

  8. Hi handstories
    Some how this little cloth "demanded" lots of words...or I just needed to get them out lol!
    I was re-reading my post and it seems like more of a catharsis for me and actually thought to myself
    Am I babbling or complaining? (smiles)
    It seems the "winds of change" hit rapidly and paying attention to the details seems important to me.
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Nancy,

    You reminded me of the "freezing" part of the whole process...so I added that. So much fun! : )
    More of that little cloth to come....
    It is so hard when our loved ones are far away...I have a son who lives far away too!
    Heres to hoping we can see them soon...I like that!

  10. Hi Snail Cloth,

    awwww...I am blushing...I am so proud of my daughter. As I said she is strong and wise
    beyond her years because life has demanded that! She works very hard at school and what ever
    she pursues. She has the kindest heart but she is NOT a push over. I am so enjoying stitching more.
    Thank you.

  11. Hi Deb G,

    Some how it is so easy to let the rest of the world be the focus and we lose
    ourselves in the process. I am always reminded of eating well and being good to
    myself when I visit your blog so...thank you : )
    Yes, it is good to be stitching more. It really makes me think about things because
    I slow down....nice!

  12. Hi Suzanna,
    As I sat back and pondered what my little cloth was about
    I kept hearing in my mind "Oh really", so I added that!
    I love how ideas just flow some times when you are in the creative
    mode. Sometimes they come so fast I can not keep up and then
    other times I am twiddling my pencil. lol!
    : )

  13. What a dear post, Marie, so just like you !Menopause is definitely a time to nurture oneself, to find those inner strenghts and experiences reaped along the years help us enjoying this new phase of our life. What lovely girls and boy you have ! Paying attention, that is the right expression for now, this present moment. I love your blog.

  14. Hi dear Isabelle,

    Caring for oneself at this time is definitely something I have been faced with. I notice if I eat or drink
    certain things it aggravates the changes. So, I am paying attention to it and also doing a bit of research here and there to find
    how other women have walked through this time.
    Thank you so much for being a part of my little world...I am grateful : )